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Recruiter FAQ's

1. How do I post open positions?
Log into your Recruiting Center if you are an existing Net-Temps member and select "Post a New Job". If you want to become a new member and post jobs, select "Post Jobs" from the homepage and then select Sign me up now. From there you can sign up and receive your login name and password and have full access to the Recruiting Center.

2. How do I post a single job without being a member?
You can post a single job for $195 by selecting "Post Your Jobs" and then "Post a Single Job".

3. Is there any kind of "test drive" available to try out the services?
Yes, Net-Temps offers a test drive. See firsthand the tools and resources Net-Temps offers to make your online recruiting more effective. Post jobs, access the complete resume database - contact information is not suppressed, set up search agents and explore the Personal Resume Bank.

4. What is cross-posting?
When you post jobs on Net-Temps you tap into our extensive cross-posting network of thousands of top employment sites, including LookSmart, iWon and Excite.
Visit our job posting distribution network

5. How can I maximize my very limited recruiting budget?
Online recruiting is a proven cost-effective method of recruiting and stretching advertising dollars. Net-Temps offers all of its services to our members at one low subscription rate. There are no hidden costs or extra fees for "special" features. In addition, because of our extensive cross-posting network, your ad dollars go even further.

6. How do I search for all resumes in a specific industry?
By doing a Power Search within the Recruiting Center, you can select the job category and all resumes. By not selecting any other criteria you don't limit the search.

7. How can I get more information on a resume?
You can contact the job seeker directly via the email and other contact information listed in their profile.

8. With the economy being the way it is, how can I make the most use of my online service?
In a tight economy, temporary and contract workers are the first to be hired back. Therefore, you want to develop relationships with the top candidates so that you are prepared to meet the demand once things pick up again. You won't need any ramp up time.

9. Is there a way to tell how well my job postings are doing?
As part of our service, Net-Temps provides statistics for each job postings in the Recruiting Center. These statistics tell you how many times a job has been viewed and how many times it has appeared in a search.

10. Do I have to pay more to be able to search the entire resume database?
Your Recruiting Center allows you full access to the complete resume database. This includes 100,000 new resumes each month and over 1,000,000 archived resumes. In addition you get a password protected Personal Resume Bank for storing resumes right on your desktop.