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Job Seeker Testimonials

I just wanted to touch base and tell you how much I enjoy your site!
There are so many useful tools for people such as myself who are looking for a new job or new career and I look forward to reading and applying them. I've had serious thoughts about a career change. Your site and suggestions are helpful as I try to identify and ultimately secure my next career.
G. Croke

This is a wonderful service you all offer, and I feel privileged to be able to use it. Thank you so much!
I like the simplicity of the instructions on your website. I also like the set-up of submitting your resume, choosing your search agents and editing them, if desired.
C. Miller

CrossRoads is top-notch!
I really like Net-Temps' tips and the newsletter. They are "top-notch" ... the best info I have seen out there!
T. Carnahan

Nice job on the website!
Thanks so very much for taking your time to create this very useful and informative site. I have learned a lot from your Net-Temps. Thanks!
A. Boby

I cannot begin to tell you how much I look forward to your newsletter each week!
I work as a Career Advisor with a multi-county DFCS caseload serving TANF clients and also as the manager of the One Stop located on our local college campus. I print them and put them on the bulletin board for all job searchers to use and I use them in both group and individual sessions as well. Most of your information is not only practical, easily understood for the population I serve, but is re-energizing for someone depleted by a long job search. Just wanted to say a long, overdue THANKS.
L. Duncan

I have found a job!
You have been extremely helpful finding jobs for me, and I am deeply grateful. I will keep the website should I need to find work again - you do a fantastic job! Thanks again.
Cecilia T.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I forget how long ago I've been subscribed to your newsletter, but reading your articles has changed my career! I was looking for a job for almost 20 months until I found the one I really wanted. Many times I quit but your articles gave me hope. I found a great job and I still continue reading your newsletter after two years. I want to take this opportunity to thank you, thank you, thank you!
Fredy P.

Congratulations to your team for this excellent newsletter, CrossRoads!
Being an active jobseeker for the past few months, I have literally seen all the job-related websites and newsletters etc. But this is the one I read regularly without missing any single article and the tips etc. have helped me a lot in writing cover letters and preparing for interviews. Thank you for your effort. I hope that you maintain the excellent quality of your articles.
Kanishk R.

I love the resume and interviewing articles!
Your articles that you send out about interviewing and resumes etc. are thought provoking resources even for those of us who have been in the workforce for some time. I learn something new every time. Thank you.

Your website really gives lots of useful advice!
I always enjoy reading the articles you send. Most job-related emails are either junk mail or worse, but yours are terrific.
Armen A.

I got a job!
...and not just any job mind you, but one I actually want! I very much took to heart the articles written by experts in the field of staffing. In fact, so much so, it is where I have chosen to work! I especially liked the articles about questions to ask during the interview. Thanks for adding to my resume a more polished interview!
Donna Lodin

Thank you so much for this wonderful site!
I am now working as a full-time contractor and I have referred some of my friends to your site. Thanks Net-Temps!

Nice job Net-Temps, thanks!
I just want to let you know what an excellent job you are doing in helping job seekers on their way to finding the right job. The newsletter articles are always interesting and very relevant and I frequently recommend you to the scientists I counsel for their job search.
Linda W.

I absolutely enjoy reading your articles!
For someone like me, a young recent college grad, your newsletters are such a great resource! I've learned so much and the information is helping me tremendously in finding jobs and dealing with unemployment. I often "share the wealth" of knowledge I've gained from reading your articles and I think your newsletters could be a great resource for other new graduates.
B. Talati

Thanks to your newsletter article I got the salary I wanted!
The night before my interview for a contract position, I read your article on asking for the money that youwant and how to go about it. Well it worked and I ended up increasing my hourly rate significantly!
Wendy M.

I love your website!
Thank you for the time you put into the articles and resources. As a Career Counselor I refer many people to your site. Thank you for the quality job you do!
Any Croft

Your assistance reminded just what good customer service is!
Thank you so much for your quick response. Considering some of my other experiences with customer service departments, I was very pleasantly surprised. Net-Temps is outstanding!
Cindy B.

Thank you very much Net-Temps - keep up the good work!
This is by far the best job search Internet website I've ever used! My resume looks great when I built it on Net-Temps and it has proven successful!
S. LeBlanc

I find your articles so helpful!
I must say your articles are so well written and full of helpful and affirming information. Thank you so much.

The Job Search Assistant is a fantastic resource!
Ever since I created my Job Search Assistant I feel like my search is so much more organized and I'm on top of things. The search agents are a big help and I've created multiple resumes and cover letters too. Great job Net-Temps.
Michelle M.

Thank you for your wonderful product!
I have been un-employed since May of this year and have always benefited from the articles in your newsletter. You have given me advice and direction almost as if I had a personal Career Coach! The articles have always been insightful. I also shared your site with a group of that meets at our local Illinois Department of Employment Security. You are a great lifeline and for those of us who are unemployed. Thank you again!
Rozanne Markopoulos

Your website is great!
I gained a lot of information and with it knowledge on careers. Thank you for taking the time for putting this material together and offering it to me. Continue with the good work!

I really like your Career Development Center!
Thank you, your articles on career development are very helpful.

Thanks Net-Temps for your quick response!
I want to thank you. I had a question regarding a follow-up thank you email for a telephone interview. The fact that you responded so quickly was amazing. I sent the thank you via email as you suggested and got a response scheduling a face-to-face interview within 24 hours. Thanks again!

Thanks for the articles!
I just wanted to express my gratitude for this website. I have learned a lot from the many articles that have been provided. I have been in need of information regarding job searches and interviewing. The information is very helpful and I truly appreciate it. Thank you so much!
Diana C.

Your weekly newsletter is very helpful. Keep it up!
I'm one of the many people seeking an entry level engineering position. I'd like to say the information you send out weekly is very helpful. I haven't quite landed a job yet, but the information provided gives me a better idea of how to handle situations and interviews. Keep it up.
Jacob D.

Thank you Net-Temps for your assistance in my job search!
My positive experiences reflect well on your company and I am grateful for the courteous and professional assistance that you also have provided to me in my job search.
Jacob S.

I read "How to mathematically DOUBLE your job search odds!" .
Noon: I sent out a two email follow-up letters;
2:30pm: I got a telephone interview appointment;
3:00pm: I am taking the time to thank you.
Aaron Held

You are a helping guide for jobseekers!
I have learned a lot from your valuable newsletters and articles. Thanks!
Beth C.

Fantastic job on your website. Good work!
Of all the recruiting websites I've used yours is the most appealing to me when it comes to format, color and layout. It is very easy to see what the job location is because you list this item near the beginning of each job listing. On top of all this your pages are easy to read. Fantastic job!
D. Rollins

I love the newsletters!
I've already passed the website addy and most recent newsletter on to several people. Some of the ideas make you stop and think...this is so easy and it helps greatly in networking. Thanks and keep up the good work!

I am now working on a job because of Net-Temps!
Good News! I wanted to inform you that I am now working on a job because of Net-Temps. A recruiter found my resume, which I posted on your website. She found the perfect job for me. I interviewed at the firm on Thursday and began work on Monday. I am a full-time, IT Trainer with a law firm. Thanks for being there, Net-Temps. Can you believe many people told me that no one gets jobs through the Internet!
Joan Garcia

Thanks a million Net-Temps!
Your service is great especially for independents like myself.

Excellent website presentation and look.
It is very easy to manoeuver within the website - most impressive!
Janice Bebonang

Your CrossRoads articles have been the most relevant in my job search!
Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed this article 'Seven habits of highly successful job seekers'. It reaffirmed my job search efforts as well as gave me insight to some new approaches. Overall, it was nice to see I am doing things that right way, at least according tho this author. So far, your articles have been the most relevant to my job search. Other job site emails have not provided this type of information. Keep up the good work and positive information.

I have recommended your website to all of my friends and associates that are in a career search!
Your website and job search agent was one of the most useful tools I used in my job search. I was able to obtain several contacts that lead to four interviews via your website and postings.
Eric Lynch

You provide the best tactics and advice for a job search!
I just wanted to let you know how much I like your newsletter. The articles are straightforward and on the mark. As someone who gets a lot of "career advice" I find your newsletter to provide some of the best tactics for a job search, as well as acknowledging the pitfalls we face. Keep up the good work.
Valerie Fedun

Crossroads is terrific!
Every newsletter includes at least one gem. I now have 18-months worth of newsletters stashed in a folder. Your editor does an outstanding job. Thanks!
M. Drucker

Your website is top notch - thanks!
I use all the major job sites in my search for a new position including Monster, Careerbuilder and Hotjobs. I have to tell you that Net-Temps is by far the easiest to use and has been giving me some really solid leads to follow-up on. Thank you so much!
Hank Reynolds

Thanks for adding the option to upload a resume!
I just noticed you added the ability to upload an existing resume as a Word document. Good thinking! This has made my life so much easier.
Rachel Sands

I won the MP3 Player and it's really great - thank you!
When I got the call last week informing me I was the winner, I have to admit I was stunned. I wasn't even sure I heard correctly. I guess I did though because yesterday there was a nice surprise in my mail - the MP3 player. I would like to thank you. I think your site is great also. Net-Temps is the first place I refer people to when they are looking for a job.
Lillian Lincoln

Thanks for the new Upload Resume option!
Having the ability to just upload my existing resumes really simplifies things and makes getting them into my Job Search Assistant a snap. Good job.
Sandy Watkins

I really like the way your site is laid out!
Your job board has a nice look and feel to it. I was referred to Net-Temps by a friend and was very pleasantly surprised. Thanks!
Dan O.

Keep up the good work Net-Temps!
Thank you for all the articles and tips - they gave me the moral support to go get an interview!
Tom Bennett

Your newsletter is fabulous!
This is the second week I've read your newsletter and I think it is great. For the past 35 years, I have been collecting articles like these to use to mentor folks. Not only do I have articles on most topics, but I have multiple articles on many subjects, giving folks choices. Keep up the great work!
P. Bloch

Net-Temps is top notch!
I landed a great job - what a deal...nice shift salary - and working from home! Net-Temps is top notch w hen it comes to online information and advice. I'm taking myself off membership of all the other sites I registered with to find work, but I'm keeping Net-Temps! Thank you so much for your assistance over past few months.

Thanks Net-Temps - Great articles!
I really appreciate your website! You offer great articles and your site is fast and easy to use.

Once again I appreciate your service Net-Temps!
I got a lot of calls from different recruiters and was able to choose one I really wanted to work with. Thanks Net-Temps!
Sri Sunkara

Thanks for the great job tips! They really help!
The jobs tips I got from your site are so useful that I made copies of some of them to share. I think the information will really help me in my job search. Thanks very much!

Your newsletter really offers good advice and information!
I look forward to reading your newsletter each week. I find something in every issue that helps me in my job search and gives me new ideas on how to go about finding another job. Well done Net-Temps.
Angela Omesbury

I'm new to Net-Temps and I really like the service. Thanks!
I just signed up for my free account and I have to say I'm impressed with all the tools and features you offer. I've used a bunch of other job boards and Net-Temps is better than any of them.
Grant Johanssen

Nice job Net-Temps!
I have liked your service for quite a while now and consider it a great alternative to Thanks!
Durwin Knutson

I love your newsletter!
The CrossRoads newsletter offers great advice, motivation, etc. and your site has proven to be a great resource for me!

I won your contest...thanks Net-Temps!
Just a short note to say thanks. I was a recent weekly winner and the digital camera is great. I'll have lots of fun and enjoyment using it! Thanks again.
John Karakaian

Net-Temp has to be the easiest job site I've ever used!
I've used just about all the major websites in my job search and I have to say that Net-Temps is by far the most straightforward and easy to use. I can get the information I am looking for much faster and you make applying to jobs easy too.
Amy Bochetti

Your newsletter article was critical to me acing my interview!
I'm so glad I read your article on the "Top 10 Interview Questions Most Often Asked By Interviewers." Half of the questions on the list were asked of me during my very next job interview! Thanks to that article, I just may land a new job in a brand new field.
Williesha C. Lakin

Searching for jobs on your website is really easy...thanks Net-Temps!
I've just started looking for a job and I've been using all the big websites. I have to tell you that you make it the easiest to zero in on just the kind of jobs I'm looking for. It's very clean and straightforward. Nice job!
Michelle Masters

I love the Build My Resume feature!
I just created my resume using your Build My Resume tool. It really makes the whole process easy and fast. I'm confident that now I have a professional looking resume to help me while I'm looking for a job.
Nester L.

The information you provide about my field of interest is impressive!
I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of news and articles I have found on your website specific to my career. I find the information helpful and up to date. Thanks!

Keep up the great work! Your newsletter is a positive lifeline!
I just wanted your organization to know how very, very good your newsletter is. I feel I get very positive and useful information. I am finding myself looking forward to the newsletters and passing it on to others. You are doing a great job and providing a positive lifeline to those who are looking for the next opportunity. Keep up the great work!
Kim Sherman

Thank you Net-Temps, I got the job!
I applied most of the suggestions received from Net-Temps and I got the job. The company told me that it was hard for them to find people with my background and experience. Conversely, I found that it was difficult to find a match but it happened. This is a dream job for people like myself, and sorely needed in this current job market. Thank you Net-Temps!

The Job Search Assistant really helps!
The tools and information you have in the Job Search Assistant are a great help in my job search. It really helps me to keep things organized and I love the fact that I can have a "library" of the jobs that I am most interested in and can even add notes. Nice work Net-Temps!
Sam K.

Great job tips and info in the Career Development Center!
I was reading a bunch of the articles you have on your website and was impressed with the amount and quality of the information I was able to find. There is some really practical advice I can use in my own career and search.
Jay Wicken

This is one of the best websites I've used to find a job!
Thank you Net-Temps! I get really good results when I search the website and my search agents work great too. It's much easier and faster having job matches come right to me by email!
Grateful Job Seeker

The CrossRoads newsletter articles are great!
The newsletter articles are very informative and encouraging. Net-Temps' website is very professional and what I call, "clean"; layout, navigation and content make it very user friendly.
Lisa Daniel, Lisa's Editing Services

Net-Temps is the best job hunting resource I have found!
I recently found your website. It has a nice clean interface and the pages load quickly. Many sites try to get too fancy and fail at their primary goal.
Ray Knights

Thanks for all of the great articles that you provide!
Keep 'em coming!
Erica Kirwan

Thank you for helping me find employment!
I am really pleased with your service! I haven't had any luck with the other Internet job finders, they don't seem to do anything. Your service found the job I have always wanted! I will recommend Net-Temps to all of my friends and aquaintances.
Jacques Dothard

Thank you Net-Temps!
I found the perfect job in 30 days of searching.
Frederick Pratter

Thank you Net-Temps!
I just want to let you know that we received the PDA that I won a few weeks ago. My sons just love it - as do I. I want to thank you again for this wonderful gift. I have recommended Net-Temps to several of my friends. Continued success to you - and thanks again!
Alicia Lewis

I strongly recommend Net-Temps for job seekers!
Thanks to Net Temps I have found 4 projects so far and I never feel the fear of losing jobs. I got my fifth job easily with this site. I strongly recommend Net-Temps for job seekers, especially those with H1-B Visas like myself.

I've made some dynamite contacts through Net-Temps!
A local contractor just found my resume on Net-Temps. They are re-submitting me to an old employer for a fairly long contract. I really like your site because I have made some dynamic contacts.
Ann Marie Heos

Your website is excellent!
I have applied to jobs through Net-Temps as well as posted my resume. I plan to use Net-Temps regularly until I get the sort of job I am looking for. Thanks again!
Sushil Kamar

Net-Temps is the best job hunting resource that I have found!
I recently found your website. It has a nice, clean interface and the pages load quickly. It's the best job hunting resource that I have found! Many sites try to get too fancy and fail at their primary goal. Keep up the good work.
Ray Knights

Thank you for helping me find employment!
I am really pleased with your service! I haven't had any luck with the other Internet job sites. They don't seem to do anything. Your service found the job I have always wanted! I will recommend your company to all of my friends and acquaintances.
Jacques Dothard

'Temps Need Support Too' - an excellent article!
I read your article on a day that I really needed it! I have been temping while looking for permanent employment . I am overqualified for the job I am doing and at times am discouraged. This article meant a lot to me, keep them coming. Thank You!

I think you provide a great service!
I like your format ... your style is clear ... no problems with access. Good job to all involved!

I got a contract by using your website!
Just wanted to let you know that I got a contract via your website! Out of the three sites that I used most frequently, yours, Monster, and Dice, I found Net-Temps the easiest to use. Keep up the great work!

You are great Net-Temps! Keep working the same way!
So far, all the short-term or long-term jobs I have landed are through Net-Temps. Every morning I wake up and go to Net-Temps. In the afternoon a recruiter calls and says that he/she saw my resume on Net-Temps and then they interview me. Thank you once again.

Thanks so much for helping me find my job!
I want to thank Net-Temps for the website. I hooked up with the site about two months ago and set up agents to let me know when there was something I was interested in. Two weeks ago I received an interview with a company and I am going to start there on Monday...thanks so much for being there and helping me find my job.
Bonnie Soileau

Good job Net-Temps!
The fact that one can check on the jobs applied for AND the status of that opening is a big plus!
Roger D.

Your website is easy, fast and above all, user friendly!
I just wanted to express my admiration to an excellent job you guys did on your web site. During the past 4 months I searched most of the "big" job engines such as,, etc. After spending long hours, configuring profiles, creating resumes under ridiculous limitations such as no attachments and character limitation which I am reluctant to understand, I finally found your website which is like a cool breeze in hot day. It's easy, efficient, fast and above all user firendly. Thank you very much and keep up the good work
Eyal Katten

Your newsletters are the best!
Thank you for doing such great research on what our needs are... the newsletter articles are right on track. Please keep up the good work.

You have the best online job application on the Internet!
Yours is perhaps the cleanest, fastest and most precise (read: "functionally efficient") job search application I have ever seen (read: in the Net universe-bar none).
Marv Glinski

Your CrossRoads newsletter lifts my spirits!
I just want to say thank you for your CrossRoads newsletter. It lifts my spirit and I need this very much. I have been looking for work for a very long time with little success - just a few interviews here and there. Thanks again.
Michelle Finton

You've been a fabulous help!
I just wanted to let you know what a fabulous help you have been in updating my resume. You have made the whole process easy to do and understand. I really appreciate it.

Net-Temps is one of the best sites for job seekers!
I am a self-employed person and I want to let you know that your site is one of the best ones for job seekers. It's very informative and useful to those looking for gainful employment.
Mohan Mamtani

Thank you Net-Temps
Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate the tips given on your website.
Arnold Raymond

Thank you Net-Temps!
I just want to thank all you good people for the easy way of accessing your website and for the opportunities you present.
Rafael Orellana

Thanks for the great resume writing tips!
Thank you Net-Temps! I have fought with an elongated resume problem for years now. After reading the twenty points recruiters dislike on a resume, I rewrote my resume and posted it today on Net-Temps. I can now go back to two pages successfully!

Your Career Resources section is outstanding!
I just wanted to let your organization know that the information in your Career Resources section is outstanding! As a job seeker searching relevant information to refresh his career-seeking skills, I've found no better place than! Thank you for such an excellent service!
Mr. Rodriguez

The Crossroads article's great!
Nice article on difficult behavior ( Thanks for sending the CrossRoads articles. They're fine contemporary reading!
Myrna J. Thompson CPS/CAP

You are the best there is!
I have been receiving your e-circular for well over a year, and I must admit you are the best there is. You truly offer quality! Please do thank the whole team on my behalf.
Ghada Hijjawi

Net-Temps is very easy and convenient to use!
Just a brief note to let you know that I appreciate being able to post my resume to your site for others to view. You have done a fine job in the setup and make it very easy and convenient for us to post and review.
Richard Wunder

Net-Temps is one of the best sites for job seekers!
Thank you Net-Temps...this is one of the best sites for jobseekers: plain, simple, fast and NO fancy-dazzling screens. I appreciate the auto e-mailing of job opportunities too.
Myron Nelson

Thanks for providing a reputable site and great service!
I recently received and accepted a job offer because a contracting company saw my resume on the Net-Temps website and recommended me to their client. Thanks for providing a reputable site and great service. I am now recommending to all I know looking for positions.
Jack Mangione

Your article gave me a wonderful kick start to my day!
Incredible article on 7 Signs of Self Sabotage - Whew - hit me right where I live and gave me a wonderful kick start to my day. It was positive without being mushy or self-pandering. I, who never forward anything - not jokes, recipes or scams, forwarded this article to 10 people! Marvelous piece, outstanding job - incredibly well composed article. Thanks so much!

Your articles have been tremendously helpful!
I must say, working for the same company for 15 years (since high school), and now starting to have to interview due to a down-sizing at my last company, I have been a little nervous. You're articles have been tremendously helpful and I feel more confident than ever! Thank you so much.

I wish I had found out about Net-Temps sooner!
After an agonizing 18 months without a nibble, I finally received two contracts at the same time. I had been on Monster, Careerbuilder, USAJobs, and all the rest from the beginning and gotten absolutely nowhere. Only through networking and posting my resume on Net-Temps did anything click. In the future, I will not waste my time with the others; I just wish I had found out about Net-Temps sooner. My only problem now is deciding on which contract to accept! Thanks for THIS kind of dilemma!
Phil Falcone

Great job on the newsletter
Your newsletter is the only one that I can't wait to read every week. It is very informative and has helped me in "rethinking" my resume. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

Thank you for your assistance!
Thank you for your email and suggestion about updating my resume and getting help with it in order to secure the best job possible. I contacted Resumewriters as you recommended - I needed a company that would work with me one on one and they have been great. I hope to return to your site soon and replace my old resume with my new one, and a new and improved cover letter to boot!
Beverly Gerrard

Excellent information!
Your website has provided a great deal of useful information. Thank you for all the hard work that has gone into creating such a helpful website.

I'm not even a job-hunter any more, but I still read your magazine!
I just wanted to say that I'm continually impressed by the articles in your magazine. They're not warmed-over advice from yesteryear, and I always get new insights which often substantiate those that I've gotten on my own.
Vern Martin

Your site is extremely helpful!
After being a stay at home mom for a few years, getting a resume put together was frightful to say the least, but your site was extremely helpful and full of information. Thanks!

Kudos to the editors of this fine e-newsletter!
I just want to say that the Crossroads magazine has been a great help to me. The tips are all right on, and the writing style is comprehensive and on point. The articles are all relevant and I always find something that I can use in each of them. Kudos to the editors of this fine e-newsletter!

Thank you for all you do to help people who are unemployed!
I am starting two new part-time jobs. I have been out of full-time work for nearly 1-1/2 years. I will be moving about 200 miles from the city in or near which I have lived all of my 59 years. Thank you for all you do to help people who are unemployed. You have given practical advice.
Tom Dingle

Keep up the good work!
I read a piece about interviewing on your site and it helped me to land a great job with a city government doing what I like. Keep up the good work. Always know what you like best and worst about your current job; they will ask you and you should be prepared to answer.

Bravo Net-Temps!
After a recent move from Arizona to California I signed on with Net-Temps to aid in my job search. It lead me to an agency that placed me in a great temp position at the local air base working for US Customs for 3 months. Bravo Net-Temps!!
Elaine Neumann

Great information for first time job seekers!
I am a placement coordinator and instructor with International Business School in Denton, TX. I have found very useful information for my students to utilize in their first time job searches as well as information that I may use as a placement person. Thanks.

You've been a fabulous help!
I just wanted to let you know what a fabulous help you have been in updating my resume. You have made the whole process easy to do and understand. I really appreciate it.

The jobs posted here are excellent!
I'm very pleased with your website. I think the jobs posted here are excellent it is a good alternative to Monster, HotJobs, Dice, etc. Keep up the good work...and thanks for being here.
Dennis Gibson