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North Chelmsford, Mass., January 04, 2000 - Net-Temps, the contract employment portal of the web, was named #1 for customer satisfaction among third-party job boards in Interbiznet's annual survey of the electronic recruiting industry. The December 27, 1999 issue of the Bugler, Interbiznet's Internet recruiting industry news daily, reports that Net-Temps was named the Best 3rd-Party Job Posting Service for Customer Satisfaction in a survey of nearly 3,000 corporate and third party users.

Market awareness or penetration and customer satisfaction are separated into different categories in this survey. According to John Sumser, "They appear to be only coincidentally linked!" Top-level survey results were released by John Sumser of Interbiznet, prior to the details, a change from previous years. More detail of the findings is expected this week.

Sumser notes that, "We're starting to see a variety of new players and categories emerging. Rather than consolidation, it's clear, from our perspective that a great deal of segmentation is driving our industry."

Net-Temps was also included in Interbiznet's year-end "Trend List" included in the December 29, 1999 edition of the Bugler. The listing of "broader themes that really described the struggles and successes in the industry" included Net-Temps as a company positioning itself for second-stage growth in a grouping entitled "Sticking To Knitting Works." This trend emphasized growth of customer base, product lines and operations to ensure longevity.

According to Net-Temps president and co-founder, Gregg Booth, "Customer Service has always been a key component of Net-Temps service. Rather than striving for volume, Net-Temps focuses on customization to serve each subscriber." Net-Temps job posting service provides an effective means for staffing agencies and small businesses to make the leap into electronic recruiting in a friendly and cost-effective manner. From creating individual mini-web sites for subscribers to personalized training and easy-to-use navigation, Net-Temps connects recruiting professionals to qualified candidates, simply.

About IBN: IBN: ( was founded in 1994 by John Sumser. IBN: is the leading analyst of the Electronic Recruiting Industry. From its flagship daily Newsletter, the Electronic Recruiting News to its annual industry analysis, The Electronic Recruiting Index, IBN chronicles and facilitates the development of the Electronic Recruiting Industry. Additional publications include: 1st Steps In The Hunt, a daily online newsletter for the JobHunter, and Excellence in Electronic Recruiting (TOP 100), a reference site.

IBN's focus is to chronicle, analyze and report on the evolution of electronic recruiting. This is founded on the belief that the single most profound impact of the web will be on how we work, get work and change work. IBN provides a consistent look at a quickly changing arena on a daily basis with chronicles of the evolution of key web resources, identifying the upcoming trends and developing needs in the Industry.

About Net-Temps Net-Temps ( is the employment portal targeted specifically to the staffing industry serving the contract and temporary employment markets. Subscribing agencies and small businesses posting jobs to Net-Temps receive a tremendous web-presence due to Net-Temps extensive distribution. Net-Temps boasts an employment-listing cross posting distribution of over 500 Internet search engines, portals, directories, on-line services and newsgroups as classified employment ads.

Net-Temps partners with key third parties to provide technology and advertising services as well as customized electronic recruiting solutions. Its Recruiters Desktop user interface allows companies to manage the electronic recruiting process simply. Net-Temps continually invests in its technology, further enhancing value for recruiting firms, employers and job seekers as well as keeping its products on the cutting edge of technology.