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Interactive Banner Ads Target Job Seekers
North Chelmsford, Mass., September 05, 2000 - Net-Temps, the number one online job board specializing in the Staffing industry serving temporary (contract) and direct placement employees, announced today it has stepped up its advertising efforts and is now running interactive banner ads throughout the Excite Network, including Excite, Blue Mountain, @Home and @Work. Developed by Enliven ®, the leader in rich media advertising, the Net-Temps banners add a level interest and information not available through traditional online advertising. The ads target job seekers and provide a streamlined method of posting their resume and searching for jobs on the Net-Temps' site. According to a study conducted by Harris Interactive and Excite @Home, consumers are 55 percent more likely to remember an Enliven rich media ad versus a traditional Gif banner ad and find it twice as informative.

"Net-Temps has put together a very comprehensive advertising and marketing program this year and we are very pleased the new ads are now up and running. There has been growing acceptance of rich media, interactive ads amongst users and Net-Temps is at the forefront with this technology in the online job board market segment. We expect this campaign, along with our other advertising endeavors, to keep Net-Temps amongst the top job boards and number one in the Staffing industry." stated PJ Beaulac, Director of Business Development for Net-Temps.

Enliven, the industry frontrunner, is used by more than 400 publishers across the Web and holds 70 percent of the rich media advertising market share due to its breadth of creative options, reliability and browser compatibility. As a result of the growing acceptance for rich media solutions, the Enliven Preferred Publishers Program (EP3) has reached 50 premier members. EP3 gives publishers the ability to increase the value of their Internet properties to global advertisers by providing greater flexibility and an overall commitment to enhancing the online experience.

Net-Temps is ranked the number one online job posting board specializing in the Staffing industry serving direct placement and temporary (contract) professionals and is consistently ranked in the top 10 websites with job postings based on traffic by Media Metrix and Neilson Net Ratings. Net-Temps job posting service provides an effective means for staffing agencies, human resource professionals and small business executives to take advantage of electronic recruiting. Hundreds of thousands of job seekers post resumes and search for direct placement and contract jobs at no cost. Jobs are organized into industry-specific employment channels making it convenient to inquire about available positions and apply on-line. Further information about Net-Temps is available at