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Thursday October 28, 2010

60 Seconds and You've Got the Job

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These days one slip in an interview and someone else gets your dream job. Of all the job hunting techniques I've ever taught, the 60 Second Sell interview technique is the one most clients tell me is, "the best thing I ever learned." It's a key strategy in my book 60 Seconds & You're Hired! because it immediately captures and focuses the hiring manager's attention. Don't enter your next interview without mastering this outlined technique.

job.jpgThe 60 Second Sell is a tool that helps you target your skills to meet the employer's needs. It allows you to summarize your most marketable strengths in a brief and concise manner. Successful job hunters praised the tool for several reasons:

  • It was effective in capturing the employer's attention.
  • It provided an excellent concise answer to tricky questions.
  • It was very easy to use the formula.
  • It provided a strategy plan for managing an interview.
  • It was a great way to end an interview.

The 60 Second Sell is a customized, 60-second memorized statement that summarizes and links together your FIVE top selling points to perform that employer's specific job. For example, if the employer were hiring an accountant, you would want to summarize your years in the field and your computer expertise as two of your selling points. As you discuss each selling point, you must put them into an order so that the thoughts flow together in the most effective way. When you link the ideas into sentences it should be spoken in 60 seconds or less.

When to Use It

Most interviews are over before they ever really get started. You have to immediately capture the employer's attention, get them tuned in to you as a true top-notch candidate. The 60 Second Sell is effective because it demonstrates your strengths and illustrates how you will fill the employer's needs. That is the key to its success, and yours.

Open your interview by using your 60 Second Sell. Typically the first interview question is "Tell me about yourself." Hiring Managers complain that people ramble, saying some people take 20 minutes offering a life story for their first answer. After the first minute or two, they say you have totally lost their attention. Starting with a 60 Second Sell solves this problem and engages the hiring manager immediately and concisely by stating here's exactly HOW I can do your job.

"Why should I hire you?" is another question for which this technique is the perfect answer. An effective 60 Second Sell can convince them to hire you. Other applicable inquiries include: "What are your strengths?" "What makes you think you are qualified for this job?" "What makes you think you will succeed in this position?" "Why do you want this job?" These questions offer an excellent opportunity to stress your most marketable skills using your 60 Second Sell.

Be Memorable--End With a Convincing Close

Most seasoned interviewers will tell you that it is easy to forget a person the minute they walk out the door. Employers often sit back at the end of the day, look at the resumes and wonder who was who.

Using the 60 Second Sell ensures repetition of your major strengths. Closing with your 60 Second Sell leaves the employer with your most marketable points fresh in their minds as they fill out their evaluation form.

This technique really is the perfect ending, when the employer has asked all their questions, you've asked yours, you've learned about the next stage, and when they will be making a decision. This employer will remember when you end by saying "Thank you for this opportunity to meet with you today." In closing, let me summarize for you what I'd bring to this job"...and insert your 60 Second Sell.

- Robin Ryan

Robin Ryan has appeared on Oprah and Dr. Phil is considered America's top career coach. Robin has a busy career counseling practice providing individual career coaching, resume writing services, interview preparation, salary negotiations, and outplacement, to clients nationwide. She is the best-selling author of: " 60 Seconds & You're Hired!", " Soaring On Your Strengths", " What to Do with the Rest of Your Life", " Winning Resumes" and, "Winning Cover Letters". A dynamic national speaker, Robin has spoken to over 1200 audiences sharing her insights on how to improve their lives and obtain greater success. Contact Robin at: 425.226.0414, or email: robin@robinryan.com, or visit her website: www.robinbyan.com

Need more assistance? Robin is available to help you achieve your goals and dreams with individual career counseling. Click here to learn more.

© Copyright 2010 Robin Ryan. All rights reserved.

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Monday October 25, 2010

Federal Reserve Board Report Slight Uptick in Economic Activity

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Economic activity in the U.S. continued to rise at a modest pace from September to early October, according to the Federal Reserve's latest report on regional economies (known as the "beige book"). Improvements in manufacturing activity, non-financial services, consumer spending, new vehicle sales, and tourism helped to propel the economy forward, but sustained weakness in housing markets, commercial real estate, and construction continued to limit the economic recovery. Hiring remained constrained across most of the nation, with most businesses expressing a reluctance to add to permanent payrolls given the current economic environment. The Beige Book.gif

Manufacturing activity continued to expand, with production and new orders rising across most Districts. Demand for non-financial services was reported to be stable to modestly increasing overall. Consumer spending was steady to up slightly, but consumers remained price-sensitive, and purchases were mostly limited to necessities and non-discretionary items. New vehicle sales held steady or rose during the reporting period; sales of used automobiles were strong as well. Activity in the travel and tourism sector picked up.

Housing markets remained weak with most Districts reporting sales below year-ago levels. Reports on prices suggested stability, however. Conditions in the commercial real estate sector were subdued, and construction was expected to remain weak. Lending activity was stable in most Districts. Agricultural conditions were generally favorable, and above-average yields were expected in most reporting Districts. Activity in the energy sector continued to expand.

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Friday October 22, 2010

The South Florida Diversity Job Expo

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This Job Expo, Will Present These Contests & Features:

A Speed Interviewing Segment

  • Our Best Professionally Dressed Award, Which Will Be Awarded To (4) Jobseekers Who Are Selected/ Identified As The Best Professionally Dressed Candidates - Attending The Job Fair
  • Our First Arrival Award, Which Will Be Awarded To The (4) Jobseekers Who Are First To Arrive At The Job Fair
  • And Our Recruitment Panel Discussion, On Best Practices In Recruiting, Hiring and Employee Retention: What Jobseekers and Employees Should Know (From 9:00a.m. to 10:30a.m.) At The Sheraton Suites Plantation Hotel  
  • Make Your Career Connection With Florida's Top Employers/ Companies

 Thursday- October 28, 2010  
 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

The Sheraton Suites Plantation Hotel
311 N. University Drive
Plantation, Florida 33324 




Excellent Career Opportunities with Top Employers! Simply attend this  event anytime throughout the day and bring plenty of RESUMES. This event is no cost. Entry level to Senior level positions available. Join us on  Thursday- October 28, 2010 at The  Sheraton Suites Plantation Hotel, located at  311 N. University Drive Plantation, Florida 33324.
Job Opportunities Compensation: $12.00 Per Hour To Over $100,000.00 Annually


ON  Thursday- October 28, 2010  AT THE  SHERATON SUITES PLANTATION HOTEL, 311 N. University Drive PLANTATION, FLORIDA 33324

Here Is A Few of The Companies/ Employers That Will Be Attending:

American Institute School of Health & Beauty
American InterContinental University (AIU)
Broward College
Carnival Cruise Lines
Concorde Career Institute
DiversityJobsUSA & Diversity Job Expos (USA)
DeVry University
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Home Depot
Interactive Response Technologies (IRT)
Prudential Financial
New York Life
Progressive Insurance
Red Ventures
Teleperformance ASD
The Miami Herald
The School of Health Careers
Strayer University 
Sullivan & Cogliano Centers 
Wachovia A Wells Fargo Company
Waste Management
WorkForce One

And Many, Many More!!!

For More Information On This Recruiting Event: 



OR CALL: (954) 537-3045

Wednesday October 20, 2010

A RecruitingTechnology Tool Better Than Social Media

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More powerful than Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace combined, this technology tool gives you IMMEDIATE access to high level decision-makers and also creates an environment which gives you a positive EDGE in your fee negotiations with them.

Pick Up The Phone.jpg It gets you DIRECT ACCESS to those candidates who are worth the highest placement fees in the market.

Plus, it gives candidates an incentive to open up their rolodex to you to give you more direct REFERRALS than any social media website.

Where can you find this tool?

It's right there in front of you on your desk. And it's called a telephone.

If this tool is so powerful, why do most recruiters fail to use it properly? In my opinion, there are two main reasons:

  1. The allure of technology.

    Social media gives us the hope that we can find exceptional candidates through a wide-net mass marketing approach that is based on 'permission marketing'. But direct recruiting is based on 'interruption marketing.' If you want to find those candidates who are truly amazing, the impact players who are next in line to be promoted within their companies, you have to reach out to them over the phone and interrupt them. That's why working with a proven recruiting model or script based on influence psychology is the best way to reach these performers, much better than a tweet about your latest job opening. Social media isn't bad. It's just one small tool in a tool belt and shouldn't be seen as the silver bullet of recruiting exceptional passive candidates.

    Plus, through social media, the candidates that you are reaching is the exact same crowd that your clients' internal recruiters are reaching. They are uncovering the exact same candidates that you are. The only difference is that yours has a $25,000 fee attached. If that is the case, then you are now irrelevant.

    The only way you can set yourself apart from other search firms, and even your own clients, is to produce candidates who are amazing. And you do that by reaching out to them over the telephone.

  2. The fear of rejection.

    Let's face it. Most of us would rather spend time in the dentist chair than face rejection all day. Instead of making phone calls, some recruiters spend time doing "work" on the internet all day. You have to manage your emotions through exercises that keep you focused and facing your fears instead of escaping them. One idea is to ask yourself, 'What's the worst thing that can happen if I make these calls?' Once you process that, then you'll see that they can't reach through the phone and slap you upside the head. There's nothing to fear from being on the phone.

    Remember, that fear exists only in anticipation. There is no fear in action. Simply by getting on the phone and taking action, you will find that you remove your fear. Through action, it dissipates. Be tough and develop the mental resilience that it takes to be a champion and reach those champions who are worth a full fee.

Get back on the phone. It's where the action is.

- Scott Love

Scott Love gives recruiters a step by step system that anyone can learn. If others can be successful in this business, so can you. As a consultant and trainer to the industry, Scott has helped organizations get better margins by improving their operational performance and client development strategies, and has helped recruiters to master the business and get better production with more peace of mind. Over 2,500 search firms and staffing agencies in sixteen countries have invested in their own performance improvement through his educational tools, seminars, consulting services, and training programs.

Sign up today for Scott's subscription to receive a monthly training video, free training conference calls, free access to all his webinars, product discounts, access to Scott's question and answer forum and much more!

Copyright 2010 Scott Love

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Tuesday October 19, 2010

Why Am I Not Getting A Response From Employers?

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I have sent out dozens of resumes -- why am I not getting a response from employers? As resume writers and career coaches, we hear such questions very frequently. While the economy can be a major determining factor, the truth is that job seekers can take affirmative steps to improve response rates.

While many variables can impact the success of a job search campaign, four major factors merit consideration: background, resume, job search strategies, and aggressiveness of the campaign. Let's review each of these in further detail.

Background, focus, and resume revamp

Employers call me!.jpg Jim was a top-producing sales professional with a small business. During his stellar sales career, he had produced multi-million dollar sales growth and had won some very prestigious accounts (high net worth individuals). As successful as Jim was, he was very passionate about working as an account manager, but despite his sales accomplishments and relationship management skills, his resume was getting 0% response.

What was going wrong? Apparently, Jim had concocted a perception that sales and account management are interchangeable and he used his sales resume to target every possible account management opportunity under the sun. Hiring managers, on the other end, were seeing the connection and similarity between sales and account management but were more focused on applicants with a core account management background.


Jim's case is representative of many job seekers who either don't have the right background or have it buried deep within their resumes. After several coaching and resume writing sessions, Jim was ready for a major career makeover. With the help of his manager, he got involved in managing the accounts he had secured. In addition to this work experience, he also enrolled in training programs that were offered by external vendors and by his own company. Jim highlighted his account management accomplishments on the resume and after a complete resume revamp, the response rates improved dramatically. He is now on the road to success.

If you have the right background, a well-written resume can make a big difference

Jen was an accomplished market research analyst with over five years experience. She also held a graduate degree in marketing and was considered a promising candidate by most of her superiors. Jen's background was working in her favor, but employers were not too keen on calling her. Why?

Her resume did not showcase her strongest selling points. In addition to an old school resume writing style, her resume was focused mostly on her job duties and not her accomplishments. There was absolutely nothing on her resume that would WOW potential employers. There was simply not enough meat to position her.


Complete resume makeover. Jen's resume was rewritten from scratch to showcase her accomplishments and to brand and position her from the perspective of potential employers. Branding statements, accomplishments, powerful career stories, eye-catching summary, and a complete rewrite of her resume transformed her dull resume into a powerful marketing piece that landed her several interviews. Jen now works with a prestigious pharmaceutical company.

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Friday October 15, 2010

Turn Reference Checks into Placements

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On the surface, a reference check's purpose is to verify a candidate's background information: Education, work history, job title, salary, professional accomplishments and so forth.

Due diligence, after all, should play a key role in any important decision. And as recruiters, it's our professional responsibility to make sure the hiring managers we work with are empowered by the data we provide, and protected against misrepresentation, deliberate or otherwise.

  Reference Checks copy.jpg To the savvy recruiter however, a reference check is much more than a fact checking exercise. It's a vast ocean of information to explore, and an invaluable tool that can turn doubt into confidence.

There are several different objectives--and potential objectives--with respect to reference checking. These range from the obvious, like making sure everything lines up properly in the candidate's chronology, to the less obvious, such as exploring marketing and lead-generation opportunities with the person you're talking to.

Hidden Potential

But there's one objective that's mostly overlooked by recruiters. And that's the chance to cross-reference the prospective employer's concerns about the candidate, and find out whether any perceived weaknesses are real, relevant or potentially game-ending.

Here's an example. Let's say the prospective employer you're working with and your candidate have interviewed with each other a couple of times. Both meetings went well. At the conclusion of your second-level interview debriefing with the candidate, you correctly ask the closing question, "Do you want the job?" and the candidate says yes. Later, at the end of your debrief with the hiring manager, you ask if he likes that person and wants to move forward, and he says yes. So then you ask the question, "Should I go ahead and contact the candidate's references and verify his degree?" To which the hiring manager says, "Yes, by all means."

Now, here's the point at which most recruiters end the conversation, go off on their merry way and start calling the references.

What you should do is slow down. Take a deep breath. And ask the following question. "Are there any areas of concern you have about the candidate? And if so, is there a question I can ask the references that might be useful in evaluating the candidate with respect to that concern and how it could potentially impact the candidate's performance, if that person were to join your team?"

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Tuesday October 12, 2010

Which Cola Does Your Resume Brand You As?

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As top Cola brands fought to capture and sustain market share in an oversaturated soft drinks market, some very valuable marketing and branding lessons surfaced. What we learnt from the "Cola Wars" was that the fittest brand did not always thrive. On the contrary, ultimate success was the result of a shrewd branding strategy, one that truly differentiated the product from the crowd of "me too" competitors.

To combat 9.5% unemployment and competition from 14.6 million unemployed individuals, professionals and executives, too, are applying cutting-edge branding strategies to position themselves as a notch above the competition. When it comes to branding individuals, a resume is much like marketing collateral; it must be written in a compelling manner to position the candidate as the perfect solution for the employer's needs.

Consider the following tips to create a brand-driven resume:

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Monday October 11, 2010

BLS: Staffing Jobs Continue Upward Trend

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The staffing industry continued to add jobs during September, sustaining a positive employment trend that began last fall, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Seasonally adjusted staffing employment added 16,900 jobs--an uptick of 0.8% from August and an increase of 23.4% over last September. This is the highest year-to-year percentage increase since BLS first began measuring staffing, as currently defined, in 1991.

American Staffing Association.jpg "In the midst of this very anemic jobs recovery, staffing and recruiting firms continue to report job openings across virtually every sector--from finance and accounting, to information technology and engineering, to customer service and distribution centers," says Richard Wahlquist, ASA president and chief executive officer. "For job seekers competing against millions of other unemployed Americans, one strategy should be to contact local staffing firms for free employment counseling and to find out what types of jobs are available in their area."

Nonseasonally adjusted BLS data, which estimate the actual number of jobs in the economy, indicated that staffing employment grew 2.8% from August to September, adding 60,200 jobs during that period. On a year-to-year basis, there were 19.5% more workers employed this September compared with the same month last year. The ASA Staffing Index, which also is not seasonally adjusted and therefore is comparable to the nonadjusted employment figures reported by BLS, showed an increase of about 1% from August to September and year-to-year job growth of 25%.

BLS also provides employment estimates for search and placement firms, but those are nonseasonal only and reports lag one month. On Friday, BLS reported that search and placement employment in August totaled 239,000, the same as in July. August employment was up 6.8% from the same month last year. BLS month-to-month and year-to-year data show that job growth in search and placement firms began this spring.

Total nonfarm payroll employment declined for a fourth consecutive month, falling by 95,000 jobs--77,000 of these job losses were due to the continued cuts in the number of short-term workers previously hired by the federal government to complete work on the 2010 Census. These workers were hired directly as government employees and are therefore not included in the temporary help industry employment count. Private sector employment showed a modest increase of 64,000 new jobs over the month, largely driven by employment gains in health care, mining, and professional and business services. The U.S. unemployment rate held steady for a second consecutive month at 9.6%.

Thursday October 7, 2010

New Jobs Posted Daily - Apply Now - Get an iPad

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The job outlook is improving. Check out the latest job listings at Net-Temps.
Win an Apple iPad!

iPad.jpg Post your active resume for free and reach over 5000 professional recruiters that can help you in your job search.

Get entered to win the iPad!
When you post your active resume you automatically get entered in our contest to win an iPad--the best way to experience the web, email, photos, and video. Page through websites, write an email, flick through photos or watch a movie with just the touch of a finger!

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Wednesday October 6, 2010

Temp hiring is back. Is a jobs recovery next?

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Temp hiring.bmp

Wednesday October 6, 2010

Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Resume

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Does your resume stand out? Will employers quickly see you are the one to do the job? Your resume has less than 15 seconds to capture an employer's attention according to our national survey of 600 hiring managers published in the book, "Winning Resumes". You must also incorporate effective keywords or the electronic search tools will never put you on the hiring manager's screen. Resume writing is a critical skill to advancing your career so here are some of the top survey results to follow.

  1. EMPHASIZE RESULTS! This was #1 with all surveyed employers. Accomplishments get attention, not just job descriptions. State the action you performed and then note the achieved results. Include details about what you increased or decreased. Use numbers to reflect, how much, how many, and percentage of gain or reduction. Stress money earned or time savings. For example: Managed the project implementing a new tracking system that resulted in a 17% decrease in cost overruns, saving $200,000.

  2. SPECIFICS SELL. Vague, general resumes don't cut it, employers say. Target each resume to the job sought. Incorporate only the information pertinent to doing that specific job title in the resume. This will alleviate the tendency to crowd your resume with too much non-related information, or too much detail on jobs more than ten years in your past. Start each sentence with a descriptive action verb such as directed, organized, established, created, planned, etc. as they add powerful impact to your sentences.

  3. DO NOT LIE! A USA TODAY survey of executives stated that over 50% tried to exaggerate their skills, which was almost always uncovered during interviews and reference checks. Lying resulted in candidates not getting the job, or worse, being fired once the fraud was revealed. Employers are on the lookout for this misrepresentation so be as positive as possible without exaggerating or misstating the truth.

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