Wednesday April 20, 2011

Cover Letters That Win Job Interviews

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A solid cover letter has many good characteristics, including being clear, focused, informative, and friendly. But all of these traits fade from the hiring manager's mind if the letter does not motivate him or her to schedule you for an interview. Therefore, keep that essential point front and center as you create your winning cover letter. Remember, hundreds of other job hunters are seeking the same position you are so it's important that you stand out from the crowd. Here's how:

  • State your objective in bold lettering above your greeting:

    Cover letter.jpgExample: Trained and Experienced Accountant Ready For Immediate Hire

  • Get right to the point. Show the employer that you are familiar with the position he or she wants to fill and are fully qualified for the work it requires.

    Example: I welcome the opportunity to demonstrate, as Manager of the Accounting Department, what I can do to increase efficiency, introduce more productive ways of doing business, and improve the company's bottom line.

  • Mention your experience. I worked for Sloan and Sons for five years as the Assistant Manager of the accounting department and received three outstanding company service' awards during my tenure there.

  • Acknowledge the hiring manager for his or her time.

    Example: Thank you for taking time to review my cover letter and resume. I appreciate this opportunity.

  • Ask for an in-person interview.

    Example: May I meet with you in person? I'll be happy to come to your office or get together off-site, as you prefer, at any time that is convenient for you. Feel free to call my home or office: 888-888-8888.

There you have it--a list of ingredients that will catch the eye of a hiring manager who is serious about interviewing qualified people for a job he or she is eager to fill. YOU can be that person by writing a cover letter that wins the job interview--and a job offer.

- Jimmy Sweeney

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