Thursday June 2, 2011

Employers Ready to Make New Hires

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In a recent survey by Aon Consulting half the companies surveyed said they expect slightly or significantly greater hiring volumes this year compared with 2010.

The survey responses suggest that clients will increasingly have needs for the services staffing firms can provide. For example, respondents indicated that hiring better employees is more critical to their companies than filling empty positions quickly. "With increased candidate volumes flooding human resource departments and a lack of recruiting resources to process and screen hundreds of applicants for each position, organizations are finding it difficult to find quality hires," Aon's survey report noted.

Aon asked survey participants about the goal of their companies' talent acquisition function in the coming year--55% said an increased focus on the quality of candidates would be their priority. When asked specifically how important it would be for their companies to hire more productive employees, 20% said extremely important and 39% said very important.

Asked to consider how important it was for their companies to reduce early turnover of new employees, 18% said extremely important and 32% said very important. On the question of whether their companies wanted to fill positions faster, 17% said extremely important and 32% said very important.

Staying within their recruitment budget was less of a priority for survey respondents, with 14% saying it was extremely important and 28% saying it was very important.

"HR leaders appear less inclined to rebuild their recruiting function with full-time employees during recovery," the survey report concluded. "They may look at smaller fixes such as redesigning talent acquisition to be more scalable, streamlined, and to operate more cost-effectively."

Article as appeared on American Staffing Association