Thursday June 16, 2011

Resume Objective Statements as Powerful Brands

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Turn Ho-Hum Resume Objective Statements into Powerful Brands

Other resume objectives don't work for the following reasons:

  • The objective statements are generally too vague and do not provide the reader with enough information to determine whether or not there is a fit.

  • Most objectives are "me" oriented where the focus is on what the job seeker wants in a position as opposed to what he could offer.

  • Most resume objectives sound similar, making it difficult for the reader to differentiate between candidates.

  • A resume objective does not allow for the flexibility you need to highlight your selling points.

On the contrary, a profile statement:

  • Is a decisive, informative paragraph that provides a quick synopsis of your background.
  • Tells the interviewer the characteristics and job-related skills you have to offer.
  • Is unique in that the statement showcases your unique accomplishments rather than generalized phrases that could apply to anyone.
  • Examples of Boring Resume Objectives, Followed by Powerful Statements

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