Friday September 2, 2011

Five Keys to Moving the Fence-Sitting Candidate

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I felt like someone kicked me in the stomach. I just left the third message for the candidate without a getting a single call back. He had a great background and the first time I talked with him two weeks ago he said there were some pretty important issues motivating him to consider other things. Just last week he seemed interested in my client's opportunity, but I feared that the fear of change had taken him out of play. Finally, with my timing just right and the planets in proper alignment, I made one last call and caught him at his desk as he was on his way out the door. Employers call me!.jpg

I told him that my client wanted to meet with him for an interview. He responded by saying the three words that every recruiter fears to hear: "I've been thinking. . ." Anytime I hear a candidate say they've been thinking, it usually means that they want to withdraw their candidacy. Then they usually end this sentence saying "thank you" the same way I thank a cop for giving me a speeding ticket.

But I did it. I was able to turn him around. This is what I said:

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