Wednesday September 14, 2011

How to Get Beyond the Gatekeepers While Job Hunting

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Getting beyond the gatekeepers can be one of the most challenging for jobseekers. Gatekeepers can be those most obvious, such as administrative or personal assistants to the company's hiring managers, department heads, and executives. But, gatekeepers can be those in less obvious roles as well, such as assistant managers, supervisors, engineers, and so on.

Your first thought might be that only those within some sort of support role serve as gatekeepers, yet directors and executives can be gatekeepers as well. Gatekeepers are merely those who put obstacles in front of you -- demonstrated by dodging questions, failing to answer emails, and eventually pawning you off to someone else.

gate.jpgGatekeepers are generally tasked to . . .

  • Provide limited or no information to jobseekers

  • Point every applicant down the same path for applying

  • Comply with company procedure pertaining to hiring practice

Sometimes, jobseekers get short-fused when having to deal with gatekeepers -- unfortunately forgetting that gatekeepers are people, simply doing their jobs.

Need to get beyond a gatekeeper?

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