Wednesday September 21, 2011

Recruiters: The Best Voice Mail Message, Ever

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Rats. I mean, Hooray! I got his voice mail!

Sometimes it seems that the technology which was designed to improve our communication continues to build layer after layer of impenetrable walls between us and the people we need to reach. So instead of looking at voice mail as a hindrance, look at it as a direct mail advertisement with a one hundred percent open rate. One hundred percent of the voice mail messages you leave will be heard by the people you want to reach. It's up to you to come up with a way to get them to take action and call you back. Telephone.jpg

The type of message you leave is dependent upon the type of person you are trying to reach. For prospective clients, your sales message is fruitless if it's just a pitch and doesn't offer anything of value. For prospective candidates, if you tell them you are a recruiter and that you have a great opportunity, they'll probably roll their eyes and delete your message, just like they did with the five other identical messages left for them this week from your competitors. I've seen different variations of getting candidates to call back. The most ridiculous is the silly trick of hanging up before you tell them why you're calling. My name is Harry the Happy Headhunter, my number is 555-5555 and I need to talk to you about..(click!) At first it might seem that we've just discovered a new way to get people to call back. But what if they don't? What if they've already had that trick used on them before? It's an overused and trite sales trick that dates back to the origination of voice mail. If you do this then you can't ever leave another message for them. You've lost them and your credibility with them, forever.

Last week, I achieved one hundred percent success in getting call-backs from candidates when I left this message: "Joe, my name is Scott Love, my phone number is 828 225 7700 and I need to talk with you about Gina Smith. Please call today. I'll be available between three and five this afternoon. If my assistant tells you I'm on the phone, please ask her to interrupt me so I can take your call. My number is 828 225 7700."

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