Friday November 11, 2011

Settling For Any Job Isn't The Solution

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I was on a radio talk show out of Minnesota and one of the hosts, Patty, told a story about a lady she knew that quit her job because she hated it, and then turned down two other jobs, took the third offer, and is now in a job she loves. Patty wanted to know what I thought about that.

I said I think that's exactly what someone should do, and if more people did what Patty surely had done, there wouldn't be so many job seekers still unemployed or finally employed but miserable.

The woman in Patty's story, because she hated her job and quit, obviously had given a great deal of thought to what she was looking for in her next job. It might have been defined by what she didn't have, but she was clear enough and determined enough to resign, and trust that what she wanted would eventually turn up.

She'd envisioned her environment, knew the management style under which she worked best, given thought to the location of the company and what their mission was. This is exactly what led her to turn down the two offers. They weren't what she was looking for, and she wasn't going to settle.

In today's market, that doesn't happen often. People are so desperate they want any job and will take any job. As a recruiter and as a career coach, it's common for me to hear, "Well, I knew I shouldn't have taken it...hindsight being 20/20 vision and all....." These people knew intuitively they should pass, but took the job anyway. Others don't even hear their instinct in order to ignore it. They just blunder blindly into disaster.

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