Wednesday February 29, 2012

How to Effectively Use Social Media In Your Job Search

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Networking is at the heart of any effective job search. Is it more effective for you to personally check into every possible job opportunity, or will you get more results if you involve lots of other people helping you find the best opportunities? Of course, it is better to have hundreds of people bringing the possible job opportunities to you. But how does anyone get other people involved. Social media can help in that respect.


Social Media.jpg LinkedIn is the place to start when it comes to a job search. If you aren't on LinkedIn yet, go sign up for your free account. What can LinkedIn do for you? It lets you see profiles of other people, and gives you a chance to connect with them. People in the technology sectors tend to move around a bit from one company to another. I started using LinkedIn just to have a current, up-to-date repository for the email addresses and contact information of friends and associates that moved on to other companies. When I got laid off, it became so much more. I was able to use the email addresses of my contacts to send out an email letting people know that I had been laid off and was looking for work. I was given leads that led to many interviews just from those emails. However, I found a number of things that LinkedIn helped me do.

Company Search

I was able to search by company name and find people that I knew that worked at companies that I was interested in. I also found people that I didn't know, such as HR representatives, Company Recruiters, and Hiring Managers. Many of these people worked at the local branches of the company where I wanted to work. I was able to contact these people through the people that I already knew at the company, or sometimes just through calling the company's front desk and asking for the person that I had researched on LinkedIn by name.

Job Listings

Some companies post open job positions on LinkedIn. The job postings appear to be high-end, good quality jobs.

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