Wednesday May 30, 2012

Advice For An Ambitious, Young Grad

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Dear Joan:

I am a 21 year-old senior at Penn State, looking to make a dent in the world through entrepreneurship, inspiration, and the dissemination of knowledge and wisdom. I'm actively seeking to learn from the experts about how to be successful in my future endeavors (i.e. consulting, entrepreneurship, public speaking, writing, etc.) and stumbled upon your website in the process. You clearly have a wealth of knowledge and experiences and I would greatly appreciate anything you would be willing to share with me.

grad.jpg Specifically, what is your greatest piece of wisdom or advice (career or personal) for an ambitious, young professional approaching graduation?


What an exciting-and challenging-question!

The first piece of advice you are already demonstrating:

Seek advice from those you respect and can learn from.

This curiosity will cause people to open up to you and shorten your learning curve about the companies, the people and the politics of work. Unfortunately, many young grads charge into the work world thinking they already know it all-after all, they have those shining new diplomas! What the smart ones soon learn is that the real education starts after they leave school.

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