Tuesday May 22, 2012

Losing the Job Before Your Interview Begins

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Dana's job search week started at 8:00 a.m. on Monday just like it had during the previous 12 weeks. Alone and fearful of the future, she questioned when the next interview would come. She'd invested weeks refining her résumé, spent 20 hours per week networking, and consistently spent another 10 hours a week searching job postings. She had no idea that she'd have a phone interview in 20 minutes.

Telephone.jpgAt 8:20 a.m. her phone rang. It was Cheryl, a hiring manager from SCM Partners, the company Dana has been trying to get into for months. Cheryl was impressed with Dana's résumé and wanted to do a phone interview immediately. "Hi, Dana. My name is Cheryl Jones-Smith from SCM Partners. I'd like to spea k with you about the XYZ position that reports to me. I hope I called you at a good time," stated Cheryl as she began the phone interview.

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