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Asking Good Questions

Asking good questions while being interviewed can make your interview more effective.

Dear Joan:

I am a teacher and I share with my students many of the ideas you bring up in your columns. My son is graduating from college this Spring with a Math Major and Accounting Degree. We have read that companies like it when you come to them prepared with questions to ask them. We would like to know what kind of questions would you ask to companies that are interviewing you? What specifics or long range things would you want to know besides salary, benefits and job opportunities? Could you please direct us to areas to find questions or give us some ideas of the kinds of questions a 22-year old college graduate would or should be asking?


It always astonishes me that job hunters donít prepare more thoroughly for interviews. While I can understand that new grads are inexperienced and donít really know what to ask, I canít understand why experienced candidates will go to all the trouble to get every word on the resume nailed but wonít take the time when it really mattersóthe interview. Itís their one shot at selling themselves, and itís the only time they can ask questions about where they may end up spending years of their lives. Go figure.

It sounds as if your son will have a leg up on his competition. Here are some questions that are suited for young and old alike:

Prepare questions in several categories and ask them early-- and throughout-- the interview. That way, you will find out valuable information as you go. You will be able to tailor your responses and illustrate examples that fit the job.

The Job

The Company

Check out the company online and prepare some specific questions:

The Manager and Coworkers

Internal/External Customers

-Joan Lloyd

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