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Brag Books

Don’t Brag, it’s not nice - But it is essential for interview success!

If you don’t talk about your good stuff who will? For all interviews, for all industries, put together a brag book to prove you are the right person for the job. A brag book can be constructed easily and takes just a few days to assemble. Here’s how.

What is it?

A Brag Book is a term used for a book you put together that brags about all the accomplishments you have achieved in your life. The book substantiates and verifies the information you’ve included on your resume. A brag book can and should be utilized for all interviews for a variety of industries.

Monday - Go shopping and buy several inexpensive notebooks.

Your brag book is easy to put together. It coordinates with your resume. Your resume is the outline for this book. Buy inexpensive report holders from an office supply store. This should have the clear sleeves to insert pages. Starting with your most recent job and present employer, look at the achievements you have listed.

Tuesday - Study your resume-Request the information you don’t have on hand.

Work from the present backwards. Gather all the documents for each claim you have stated on your resume. For example, if you have stated that you earned the “Gold Cup Award” in your present job, include a copy of the certificate on the page following your resume. Read your resume carefully and make sure that every bullet point claiming an accomplishment has some sort of documentation. Now is the time to collect this information, research company information and print it up. Contact previous employers and request references etc, send away for your school transcripts, if applicable. Contact the MVP for your records.

Wednesday - Put it together.

You know what it is, you have collected the material, now put it together. First: the front of the folder will be your resume. Place extra copies of your resume behind the first page. You can use these copies for distribution. Next place printed research and information you have gathered about the company on the next few pages. After the company information comes your personal “brags”. These claims are put in separate pages in the order that they are listed on your resume.

Thursday -- Practice using this book.

You will need to be very familiar with this book. Practice using the book by role-playing. Professional demonstration of the book is almost as important as the book itself! Have a friend ask you some interview questions and use your book as you answer. If you can’t find a friend, use a mirror!

Always take your cues from you interviewer. At the start of your interview tell them you have prepared a book to illustrate your past successes and ASK them if they want you to use it during the interview. If they say no, put it away! Offer the book for review after the conclusion of the interview. Offer the book to everyone with whom you met that has hiring influence on your job offer decision.

-Lisa Alexander

Author of PharmRepSelect -Your Complete Guide to Getting a Job in Pharmaceutical Sales. Lisa started as a sales rep and manager, and went on to recruit more than 4,000 salespeople for Big Pharma and most recently at Pfizer, is full of great interview tips and job familiarization. Visit for all the information you need to be a success!