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Following Up After a Phone Interview

In today’s job market, many employers begin their consideration of potential candidates with a phone interview. Although these are preliminary interviews, it is important that you take the same follow-up approach as you would a formal, face-to-face interview.

Start by sending a quick email thanking the interviewer for his/her time. In this email, ASK for a face-to-face meeting, (assuming that you are still interested in the position after the phone interview with the employer). In this tight job market, you need to take an aggressive “sales approach” with any potential employer.

In your message, BRIEFLY re-emphasize why you are a fit for the position and that you are interested in discussing this position further. Then give the interviewer a handful of dates and times that you are available (ASSUME that they will meet with you.) In terms of times, you can be a little open-ended by saying something like: “I am available to meet in the morning next Thursday the 4th, or on Friday the 5th in the afternoon.” This puts additional pressure on the company to respond back to you regarding a meeting.

If you have not heard from the employer in a few days after sending your email, CALL the interviewer to again request a face-to-face meeting; once more giving them a few dates and times you are available. This enthusiasm and aggressiveness will set you aside from the other candidates interviewing for this position.

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