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Resume Mistakes Can Cost You The Job

Recently I was assisting an employer with the hiring process and reviewed many resumes that were sent in. I couldn’t help but be concerned that so many people are not having any job search success because they are using a very poor resume to represent themselves to potential employers. A poor resume drags out a search for new employment.

A candidate’s resume typically gets a 15-second glance, if it gets looked at at all. Employers complain that they receive hundreds of resumes for any listed opening but 90% of the applicants are not qualified to do the advertised job.

In recent hiring trends many resumes are never being seen by human eyes. An electronic computer scans it, looking at keywords and eliminating all others. Employers confess to getting so many resumes that the speed of applying is a hiring factor. Employers told me they look through the resume stack until they find four or five good ones, call those candidates in for an interview, and may leave hundreds of resumes unread.

Today it is only a well-written resume advertising accomplishments and past performance results that gets noticed. Of course you know that, but when I look at the resumes being sent out to employers I cringe because so many avoidable mistakes are causing job hunters to be rejected. In my books Winning Resumes and Winning Cover Letters, we published a survey of over 600 hiring managers to learn exactly what gets attention and what gets rejected. A few of the major mistakes revealed included:

A great resume is an essential career tool. It sends an employer this key message, “I’m a pro in everything I do, and someone you definitely want on your team.”

Source: “Winning Resumes” and “Winning Cover Letters” Books by Robin Ryan.

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