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Are You Angry About Your Career?

Do you wish you were doing something else in your career? Do you wish your circumstances were different? Do you think other people have it easier or better than you? Are you angry about it?

Anger is a normal emotion. Sometimes things happen in our career that we do not like. For example: a promotion we want does not come through. A co-worker gets credit for work we have done. A job we interview for goes to someone else. It gets frustrating and frustration can lead to anger.

But it's what we do when we get angry that matters. Do we use our anger to learn and then move on? Or, do we hold grudges longer than is good for us?

Anger does not have to rule your career. You can have a career that brings you satisfaction and fulfillment once you commit to being happy.

So, How Can You Be Less Angry About Your Career?

Follow These Three Steps Below:

  1. Let Anger Go

    What's more important? Being right or happy?

    We all have aspects of our career that we wish would not have happened. Or, we would have done differently. The truth is the longer you work, the greater the chance of being disappointed or making a mistake. But if you are primarily thinking about what went wrong in hopes that it will be corrected on its own, then your method will not work. Letting go of anger is the only way to make anger disappear.

    When you hold onto an emotion that hurts you, it holds you back. Bitterness and blame are for victims. You are not a victim. You are in charge of your career. Once you let that in, and you free yourself of angry thoughts, you can move forward again.

  2. Focus On What You Have Going For You

    It does not matter who went to a better school, who knows someone you do not, or who seems to have it easier than you. What does matter is what you do with what YOU have. When you focus on what's missing, a sense of lack becomes your prevalent thought. This means you are operating in your career from a position of weakness. When you focus on what makes you special and unique, a whole new you with a fresh perspective can emerge. This means you are operating from a position of strength, a really good place to be. You are you for a reason. Stop focusing on your weak spots and capitalize on your strong points.

  3. Start Where You Are Now

    As they say in the investment industry, "past performance does not equal future results." This means that no matter where you were yesterday, or what you did, or what happened to you, you can create something different now. Do you want a promotion? What do you need to get ready for it? Get the facts and then present your case. Do you want a new job? Try again and stop trying alone. Keep sending out resumes and cover letters even if you do not believe it will make a difference. (It does.) Your career will consist of highs and lows. The lows are lessened when you try again; where you are now. Today is your second chance. Take it.

So, what do you say? You only have one life to live, so it might as well be a life you love!

- Deborah Brown-Volkman

Deborah Brown-Volkman is the President of Surpass Your Dreams, Inc. a successful career and mentor coaching company that has been delivering a message of motivation, success, and personal fulfillment since 1998. We work with Senior Executives, Vice Presidents, and Managers who are out of work or overworked. Deborah is also the creator of the Career Escape Programô and author of Coach Yourself To A New Career: A Book To Discover Your Ultimate Profession. Deborah Brown-Volkman can be reached at,,, or at (631) 874-2877.