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How To Triple Your Job Interview Requests

With An Amazing Cover Letter…

© Written By Jimmy Sweeney, President of CareerJimmy and Author of the new, Amazing Cover Letter Creator

Dear Job-Seeker:

You've sent out your resume. You attached a cover letter – even remembered to ask for the interview. Now it's the waiting game. You sit by the phone with your day planner in hand – ready for the phone to ring. Except it doesn't! You wonder what went wrong. What did you do to stop the flow of calls you were certain you'd get?

Stop sweating. Don't freak out. Pull yourself together. You have more power than you imagine. Here are three simple ways to be proactive in landing that elusive job interview.

  1. Check your cover letter. Did you clearly, directly and sincerely ASK for the job interview or was it more of a polite suggestion? Oh the horror! Did you leave this element out completely?

    "I would love to meet in person to discuss the position of [fill in job title here]. I will accommodate my schedule to meet yours. I think I'd be a great fit and I welcome the opportunity for a personal interview." (Now THAT'S a statement that practically demands a response.)

    "I would like to schedule an interview when it works best for you. [Insert company name here], is at the top of my list of companies I'd like to work for." (Another nice, clear and direct statement to be called for the job interview.)

  2. Dial an interview.Wait about seven to ten days after you mail your resume and cover letter. Then pick up the phone and call the employer to ASK for an interview person-to-person. This isn't always possible but if you've got a contact name and phone number, go for it. Don't sound pushy, just eager to get together. Your enthusiasm will impress him/her.

  3. Send an e-mail. Today's busy professionals rely on e-mail for quick messages. You can use this effective means of communicating to your advantage. Follow up your original cover letter with an e-mail reminder. Something like this will do.

Dear Mr./Ms. Smith:

Last week I sent over my resume and cover letter for the position of general manager of ABC Corporation. I know you're probably swamped with applications but I feel very confident I'm what you're looking for. May I have just thirty minutes of your time for an interview at your convenience? Thanks for taking a moment to read my request. I really look forward to meeting with you.

Jane Jobseeker

Got the idea now? When you take charge in a friendly and positive way, you ARE in charge. Don't let the quality job interviews find you, go out and grab 'em yourself!

- Jimmy Sweeney

Jimmy Sweeney is the president of CareerJimmy and author of the brand new, Jimmy is also the author of several career related books and writes a monthly article titled, "Job Search Secrets." Visit our friends at for your "instant" cover letter today. "In just 3˝ minutes you will have an amazing cover letter guaranteed to cut through YOUR competition like a hot knife through butter!"