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Words from a Fellow Job Seeker

Interview With All Recruiters Possible

Some job seekers shy away from talking with recruiters, especially if they view their chances for a particular job as slim. I would encourage job seekers to engage in every opportunity for an interview. It is good practice for polishing your “sell” techniques.

Last summer a recruiter asked me if I wanted a phone or face-to-face interview. I picked the face-to-face interview. After a few minutes into the interview it was obvious I did not have the skills that she needed. However, I went ahead and used the opportunity to go over some projects that I had done in the past. She was pretty interested and even took some notes I was talking a lot about sockets and few months later I got a call from another recruiter at her firm and I ended up getting a short but good contract on writing some socket software for a small client. Take advantage of every opportunity to present your skills and to make another contact. You never know when they might call you!

Part-Time Teaching

In the past I have done part-time teaching while working as an engineer and this past year I have been doing a lot of part-time teaching at the community colleges. If you live in a big city, there are probably a few community colleges and most engineers can teach math, computer science or engineering. If you like teaching or sharing your expertise, it is a great way to keep occupied and help out your fellow humans with your gifts. Some students have even directed me to other engineering jobs. CAUTION: It is a lot of work but very rewarding and exciting!!! If the classroom is not right for you, many colleges are now looking for online instructors where you teach using email, newsgroups and web pages. Give it a shot! It doesn’t matter if you are an engineer, as in my case, or in the accounting field, marketing etc. There may be a good opportunity for you to instruct.

Go To “Work” Each Day

One of the issues of being laid off was being around the house applying for jobs all day on the Internet. My dear wife and children got a bit tired of me and I also took a lot of breaks and this bothered them because they felt I should be working harder at finding a job. I now go to the community college where I am teaching part-time and submit applications and look up jobs on the computer at work. Obviously not everyone has a part-time job where they can use the computer, but I would still encourage you to go somewhere like a library, a government agency where they have computer or try your local unemployment office. Many have computer facilities available for free. I know in my area the community college even has a program where you can use the books and computers in a large room to apply for jobs.

Volunteer Work

As has been mentioned in previous CrossRoads articles, if you do any work for church, schools, Scouts, sports, Elks, Rotarians, Knight of Columbus, etc., engage yourself! These organizations are always looking for a lot of help. They especially need people that are adept on computers to help with accounting, mail lists, spreadsheet and documentation. They also need people to just help sell things, make calls, etc. This is a lot of fun and it’s also a good networking opportunity.

Keeping proactive not only can help you stay positive mentally, it also shows prospective employers you are a go-getter and not one to just sit around waiting for the next job to land in your lap.

-Bill Diss