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Handwritten Thank You Notes After Interview Make an Impact

When I ask a client if they have sent a thank you note after an interview, I am often surprised when they say, “Yes, I did.” Then I ask, “How did you send it?” Oh, I sent them an email as soon as I got home.

The speed at which the note was sent is commendable, yet email thank you notes get “lost” in the hundreds of emails people receive. They are read and quickly deleted--they never surface again. That means they are not put in files or passed on to others.

Handwritten notes are very rare. I polled a group of managers at Hewlett Packard and they agreed, 100 percent, that their favorite way of getting a “thank you” would be a handwritten note. Thus, it is my belief if you want to “stand out” --- get out a plain note card and write a few brief lines about how the interviewer, personally, helped you.

Finally, include your contact card (formerly called business cards) in the note.

I am betting the handwritten note is passed around the office and may even end up being tacked up in the cubicle.

Example of Handwritten Note Wording:

Frank, I appreciate you taking time to meet with me on May 1, 2006 to discuss the engineering position at Hewlett Packard. It was good to meet with someone who is, obviously, very pleased to be part of the company. Your insights were terrific--they were most helpful. Thank You.

Ralph Reynolds

Rita, thank you for taking the time to meet with me on May 1, 2006 to discuss the marketing position at SYC Company. The tour you gave me was most helpful. It certainly helped me get a feel for the company and the emphasis on making the building a place where creativity can thrive.

With all good wishes, Mary Hellmich

- Kathy Condon, GCDF Career Facilitator, International Speaker and owner of KC Solutions ---“Connecting and Developing the Potential in People.” (360) 695-4313