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Plan Your Career Progression When Looking For a Job

Although we never truly like to grow up, at some point in our lives we will have to start planning for the future. Why not start now by taking a moment to plan out where you want to be in 5 or 10 years. One of the best times to plan for career progression is during your job search.

Most people have a tendency to look at the salary they are making and decide that they need to make more. Don't just look at the salary, start looking at the different types of companies where you would like to work. Look at what benefits they offer other than the salary and what chance for advancement they offer. Also, think about location.


No matter what your profession, there are generally options for your progression in your chosen career or there are options for changing careers or industries. Take a moment to list out what you consider to be your options. Do they look good? Is it time to change industries or change careers?


Whether your chosen career is the one for you or you decide you need to change, there are some important decisions you will need to make when you get ready to plan your career progression.

First, do you have enough education to qualify for the position you want? If not, how do you plan to get it? Looking for jobs with companies that have great education benefits can help you in achieving your goal.

Secondly, do you have the depth and breadth of experience you need to get where you want to be? Will your current job offer you the opportunity to get that experience? If not, what types of companies will help you gain the required experience?

Finally, are you in the right area to get where you want to be? If you are looking to make a certain salary or are looking for a position that might be exclusive to certain areas (like making movies), you need to plan a career progression that allows you to move into the areas where you can pursue your dream.

So, if you are starting your job search and are just thinking about how much money you are going to make at your next job, take a moment to look where you want to be down the road and plan your job search accordingly. Being proactive and planning ahead will help prevent you from looking back on your career with regret after you turn fifty.

- Scott Brown

Scott Brown is the author of the Job Search Handbook. As editor of the weekly newsletter on job searching, Scott has written many articles on the subject. He wrote the Job Search Handbook to provide job seekers with a complete yet easy to use guide to finding a job effectively. To download your own free copy of the Job Search Handbook visit Job Search Handbook.