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Jumpstart Your Job Search

When you are in Human Resources, everyone thinks you know everything there is to know about getting hired. Truth is, most HR folks stumble when implementing their own self-marketing efforts. Having coached numerous HR professionals, I have often been told that many are introverted and find resume writing difficult and networking intimidating. So, if you think you are alone in finding job hunting a challenging task, think again.

Job search techniques have changed over the years. In today's job market, you must learn to define and promote your personal brand in order to distinguish yourself in the workplace. Through personal branding you define you career identity and set yourself apart by emphasizing your personal talents in a way that showcases what is distinctive about you. You develop a mark of excellence that reflects your own unique talents and abilities in the tasks or activities you do best. People who display a great personal brand find it relatively easy to land great jobs and earn promotions. And, they often get paid more, and receive better benefits, than their counterparts.

To increase your opportunities to move ahead try implementing these success strategies: