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Critique Your Resume

You have written your resume. To your untrained eye, it looks pretty good and you believe you are ready to send it out. Unfortunately, the success of your resume depends not on whether you like it, but rather on the opinion of hiring managers. As a result, you have to look at your resume from an employer's perspective.

Let's take a look at the common subheadings and other elements of a resume and explore what employers like to see. Based on the information provided, self-score your existing resume.

You know your resume is ready to be submitted when you score one hundred percent on the evaluation above. Good luck!

- Linda Matias

Author of How to Say It: Job Interviews (Prentice Hall Press), Linda Matias is qualified to assist you in your career transition, whether it be a complete career makeover, interview preparation, or resume assistance. You can contact Linda directly at or visit her website for additional career advice and to view resume samples.