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Create a Resume Format that Gets You Noticed

Applying for a job is like trying to sell yourself; your goal is to get the employer to the point where they have to have you in their company. So how do you do that? By having the right resume outline for the job you want. You have several different resume outlines to choose from, so you will have to consider the following.

Chronological Resume

This resume outline helps showcase your employment history in an organized manner. You will begin with your most recent job experience and work your way back. This type of resume is easy to write, and is probably the most common resume format. In fact 84% of recruiters prefer this type of resume outline to any other. So if you are in doubt of which resume outline to use, stick with the chronological resume. If you have a spotty employment history, or lack any real-life experience though this may not be the best resume type for you. It could end up highlighting your lack of job experience.

Functional Resume

This resume outline helps highlight the fact that you are on a career path. You will create this type of resume by dividing your information into two different sections. The first section will list the skills and experiences that you have, while the second lists the places that you worked. This type of resume is best if you have a time gap in your resume, or have worked at several different types of companies. The goal of this type of resume outline is to show that even though you have done a little bit of everything you were working towards an end goal. Use a functional resume outline if you want to highlight your skills at each job, instead of the job title or position itself.

Curriculum Vita

This resume outline is a specialty outline that is best for education and research fields. Typically a Curriculum Vita (CV) is more thorough than a regular resume and lists every achievement that you have had, including published papers and presentations. A typical CV could be as long as 30 pages or more! It is not recommended that you send one to a potential employer, unless it is specifically asked for in the job posting. If they like you, they may ask for one at a later date.

Candidate Profile

This resume outline isn't actually a resume at all! Some companies are doing away with traditional resumes in favor of a technologically advanced alternative. They ask job candidates to fill out a candidate profile online highlighting skills, beliefs, and talents. This type of resume outline is particularly useful if employers have to wade through thousands of candidates quickly.

Final Thoughts

Companies don't hire only one type of resume outline, they hire people. So do your best to put your best foot forward in the interview process, and then knock them out at the interview.

Good luck!

- David Green

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