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Laid Off? Tips on Getting a New Job

Usually there is a flood of feelings that come with losing your job. Shock. Denial. Anger. Betrayal. Fear. Guilt. Sometimes even relief. It's traumatic. Your sense of self-worth, and for many, men in particular, your entire identity has been attacked.

Losing your job is one of the more stressful events that life can bring. Everyone hates those feelings of rejection, but coping properly will do a great deal to get you back to work faster.

Mark was a project manager with a large wireless company. Last month he got laid off and sought me out to help him turn around his life. He made over $100K and wanted to land a good job but wasn't sure how to start. Janet was part of a larger corporate layoff. After thirteen years with the same company, she knew she needed help to get another high-paying position. But, job search techniques have changed. Both clients learned that to succeed in today's changing job market, they had to distinguish themselves from other applicants. That means terrific self-marketing.

To increase your opportunities to move ahead try implementing these similar success strategies: