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Career Choices in 10 Steps

There are an infinite amount of choices of careers today and they are always changing and evolving. Below are 10 things to help you in choosing a new career.

  1. Your Values
    Everyone has values. What is important to you? What do you love to do? Write them out as clearly as you can. Sorting your values helps in deciding the type of job you'd do well in.
  2. Your Skills & Talents
    What do you know how to do? What did you learn to do? What are your talents (can do naturally)? There should be a correspondence between your talents and your values.
  3. Your Preferences
    Preferences are mainly subconscious, but they do influence how we interact with others. Do you rely on feelings or facts? Are you outgoing or shy? The answers to these questions should tell you the kind of work you'd find interesting.
  4. Experiment
    Talk to people actually in the career you're looking to get into. Then, take a job to find out if it's everything you thought it would be. Try to get as much varied experience as possible to test if they coincide with your values and preferences.
  5. Literate
    Beware of tunnel vision. Don't focus to strenuously on your particular aspect of the career. Make sure you can grasp the larger picture and become an expert within your field. Know what's happening not only within your job, but also within the industry and where it is heading.
  6. Experience First
    The job that will allow you to be the best within your industry, may not be the best paying position available. Don't think in the short-term. While the money would be great now, where will you be in five years?
  7. Give 110%
    Look for something where you'll be able to give 110%. With the amount of layoffs and downsizing going on, you can't afford to be the average employee giving the minimum amount of performance.
  8. Living Within Your Means
    Structure your lifestyle around what you are currently making, not what you'll be making several years from now. Put away a percentage of your paycheck every week.
  9. Further Your Career
    Take time out of what you are doing to further your career. Employers will not do this for you, so take the initiative. Stay ahead of the curve and be the best you can be.
  10. Change and Adapt
    Your career should have general direction, but be willing to fluctuate with the times. Sometimes you'll need to take a step back to take a couple of steps forward.