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Become Indispensable to Your Boss

The US government reported on October 5 that the unemployment rate stayed at a steady 4.9 percent in September and there are continuing job losses in many industries.

Most often, managers look at the objectives of the company to decide which employees are let go and which stay. How do you better your chances to stay? You need to follow a few simple steps to be viewed as valuable to your boss and the company.

Understand the Objectives and Goals of your Job and the Company
Understanding your role in the department and how it fits into the overall objectives of the company is an indispensable tool in positioning yourself as a valuable employee. A good way to learn what's important is to pay attention to what's going on with senior management. Listen closely to buzzwords and phrases during meetings and in bulletins and memos put out by the company.

Have a clear understanding of your job description to avoid any misunderstanding of your responsibilities and amend it if and when it's necessary. Set your goals in accordance with the objectives of the department and the company. Be pro-active in discovering issues that may arise, and also think of ways to solve them. Quick thinkers usually move ahead.

Find out from your boss where you can improve to be more indispensable. Let them know that they can rely on you and can have confidence in your abilities. Also, maintain the reputation of being able to perform under pressure, under a deadline, and with levelheaded logic.

Be a Team Player
It is always important to keep your skills honed, as well as learn new ones that will help the company with its productivity. Do not hoard this information all to yourself. You can be the expert on something, just be willing to share the information with others. Your boss will notice this.

When working with others, and when leading a team, stand out by praising the entire group. Leading the team and praising them indicates your ability to facilitate and motivate others to do good productive work.

Don't forget that you are also a member of your boss's team. A good team player knows how the other members of the group work best. Try to understand your bosses work style and how they think. Make sure to (honestly) praise them as everyone likes to hear they are doing a good job.

Power of Positive Thinking
Fraternizing with coworkers is a great way to keep your nose to the ground to hear of upcoming events that might be happening within the company. Be careful of who you converse with though. Try to stay away from people who are big complainers and only see the dark side of every experience. Choose friendships that are upbeat and nourishing. Cultivating a positive attitude helps make your work more pleasant.

There will also be times where you're not feeling as appreciated as you should be. Develop a strategy to focus on your long-term goals. Look into courses and seminars to obtain new skills or hone the skills you already have.

In all, knowing your company is downsizing is very scary and makes people feel out of control. Doing your best to stay positive, keep your skill set up, and make sure your manager knows how much you contribute to the company can help you feel a bit more in control as well as lessen the chances you'll be the one downsized.