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You're Over-Qualified

Interviewers say you're over-qualified when they're concerned that you'll be bored in the position and leave as soon as you find a better job. If the interviewer perceives that the position will under utilize your talents, they express this concern by saying you're over-qualified.

Your response strategy for this situation is;

First, say you agree with them that you bring a great deal of talents to this position and you feel very qualified.

Second, express your interest in this opportunity.

Third, explain why this is the right position for you at this time and

Fourth, you ask a question.

Here's an example of how this response strategy sounds:

"I agree with you that there are many strengths I bring to this position. I'm certainly very qualified. My specific strengths include ... (you insert 2-3 strengths).

I understand the responsibilities of this role and I'm very interested. I feel that this is the right position for me at this time because...(you breifly describe your reasons, like the ones listed below). leverages many of my current talents, allows me to translate my skills into a related industry and, provides an opportunity to work with other talented professionals."

"Does this make sense?" ... "Have you made moves like this in your career?" Asking a question at the end promotes a conversation and gives you immediate feedback on how your response was interpreted. Remember to stay positive, agree that you are highly qualified, interested in this position and, succinctly explain why this is the right position for you at this time.

- Michael R. Neece
CEO Interview Mastery
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