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Top Ten Rules for Effective Presentations

I am of the belief that the majority of people can improve their presentations dramatically by focusing on eliminating bad habits and presentation skills more than seeking to add anything on. How often have you come out of a seminar and overheard someone say, "Wow, she was great! Did you see how effectively she used her hand gestures?"

That said, here are some ideas to help you become a better speaker. To get my FREE checklist for speaking, just visit our website at

  1. Keep it simple
    • Speak naturally
    • Make eye contact
    • Don't do crazy things with your hands
    • Don't do much more than speak, i.e. managing props etc.

  2. Be impassioned
  3. Balance the format of your information
  4. Build the relationships beforehand if possible
  5. Get the audience to participate at varying levels if effective
  6. Show, don't tell. That is, use stories, not facts and figures
  7. Get rid of distracting idiosyncrasies
  8. Don't misinterpret people's actions and get discouraged
  9. Know your material
  10. Never, ever, go overtime

- Chris Widener
Chris Widener is a popular speaker and writer as well as the President of Made for Success and Extraordinary Leaders. His brand new book is now available: Live the Life You Have Always Dreamed Of - and you can get it at Get Chris' FREE weekly Made for Success Ezine by sending a blank email to Copyright 2003 Made for Success. Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.