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Winning the Job Interview

Learn how to stand out from the competition

It has often been said that “your resume can get you an interview,” but in reality it’s your interview that can get you the job. In today’s challenging and competitive job market, employer’s have many candidates to choose from and therefore have become more discerning then ever before, which is why developing your interviewing skills is so important.

The person interviewing you is not only looking at your qualifications, but they are looking at what differentiates you from every other candidate. Answering the question, “what is it that you bring to this company and to this position that no one else can?” is what helps you stand out in a crowd.

As a professional interviewing coach with We Place People, this is one of the most important topics we discuss when preparing our candidates for interviews. With almost every question you answer, there must be something that you share that will make you stand out differently from everyone else and will ultimately make the company want to hire you! Remember, an interview is not just about what you have done, it’s about what you can do for that company. It’s what you can offer that your competition can not that will help make you the “candidate of choice.”

Determining who to move forward in the interviewing process is not always as cut and dry as one would think. The front line interviewers themselves are evaluated by the company on the caliber of the candidates they move forward in the process and if that person ultimately gets hired. They must ensure the candidates are qualified and they will be a “fit” for the organization, the position and the hiring decision maker. This is where you must “help” by sharing those skills, experiences, training, or qualifications that you bring to the organization that other candidates may not. It’s also the time to demonstrate your critical thinking process and how you approach and complete tasks, responsibilities, or projects. These are the same elements that you should prepare for when interviewing with the decision maker.

Here are some tips on how you can differentiate yourself:

  1. Create a list of 5 interview questions that you are certain you will be asked in your interview

  2. Carefully review the job description and learn about the company and position

  3. When answering the interview questions and reviewing the elements of the job description you need to be able to describe:

    a. What roles or responsibilities you had in your previous positions as they relate specifically to the position you are applying for and will resonate with the interviewer

    b.How you specifically completed each function or responsibility

    c.What the results were

    d.What you have to offer that makes you stand out amongst others with similar backgrounds

In this job market, differentiating and separating yourself from others can help you standout in your next interview and get the job you want.

- Steve Goldberg

Steve Golberg, President, We Place People is an industry expert based on his Executive experience within the retail, financial services and telecommunications industries where he has personally interviewed, hired and placed over 1,000 candidates within his career. Steve has mentored and coached numerous individuals throughout their careers which led them to Executive level positions.

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