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5 Subliminal Tips That Make You The Most Desirable Candidate For Any Job

Although we all know itís important to try to look your best for an interview, unless the job youíre after is a modeling gig, youíre not going to get it based solely on how you look. Yes, you need to pay attention to what youíre wearing and not show up right after your last workout session without bothering to change, but you also need to know how to mesmerize potential employers with your intriguing personality.

Making sure you make a good impression is the number one factor in scoring you the job youíre after and that all starts at the initial interview. Here, five easy and sure-fire ways to ensure that youíre at the top of their list for the job:

  1. Eye Contact, eye contact, eye contact!

    If thereís only one rule that you follow, let this be it. When you look someone in the eye, you convey confidence, reliability and good listening skills- all qualities that employers are after.

    Looking your interviewer in the eye shows that youíre truly interested in the job and what they have to say and that youíre really paying attention. Of course you donít want to stare at them so much that you creep them out, but you do want to maintain eye contact when theyíre talking to you to show youíre listening and to show that you mean business when youíre answering a question.

    This means that about 70% of the time, you should be intently and confidently looking your interviewer in the eye.

  2. Donít be a slouch.

    You want to show up looking polished, capable and confident. Hunching over when you sit or stand doesnít exactly convey these types of qualities to a potential employer. Would you hire the Hunchback of Notre Dame? Of course they canít discriminate, but if youíre an able-bodied person, thereís no reason that you shouldnít have good posture.

    This doesnít mean that you shouldnít ďleanĒ when the interviewer is speaking to you about something of interest (or something you want to appear to be interested in). Leaning is a part of body language so this is fine, just donít slouch over like you donít care or lean back like youíre arrogant.

    And when you speak, sit up straight to keep that confident and capable vibe going strong.

  3. Nod like you mean it.

    You donít want to come across like a bobble head, but a little nodding as the interviewer is speaking conveys that youíre listening or agreeing with what theyíre saying. They notice this kind of thing, and they like it. It says that you are confident and that you share the same types of ideals and work values. Make sure youíre nodding at appropriate times and donít nod when you donít agree with something because theyíll remember that too. You want your nod to appear natural. Youíre so engrossed in the conversation that youíre intriguedÖ and inclined to nod your head.

  4. Donít forget to smile!

    Smiling, again, conveys confidence (are you sensing a theme here?) and is also a way to show what a warm, inviting personality you have.

    People who never smile usually come across as more dull than those that like to flash those pearly whites regularly. Smiling makes you seem more engaging, positive and energetic.

    Just donít overdo it- you want it to appear genuine and easy going. And make sure you donít have anything in your teeth! You donít want to make them cringe ever time you smile, you want to make them smile back.

  5. Get a little close.

    You donít want to invade their personal space or anything, but standing a little close to someone establishes a comfort level and makes it easier to create a rapport. If you stand too far away, you donít appear to be all that interested in the discussion at hand, or in this case, the job on the line.

    You have to tread carefully here though. Some people will feel like youíre being pushy or overwhelming if you get too close, so you kind of need to gauge their reaction to your proximity. If they step back, follow suit and donít try that again!

These are just a few body language moves that are sure to help you charm the socks off of any interviewer. Of course you have to actually have the skills necessary to do the job as well, but if you follow these tips, youíre sure to stick out in their mind as one of the top candidates!

- Landon Long

Landon Long is the founder of and author of the Unspoken Rules of Getting Hired. Landon is also a recognized expert on the topic of psychology-based job interview tips for job seekers all over the world. If you are jobless and can't figure out how to write a resume no matter how hard you try, here is the secret that's helped over 20,000 job seekers! Watch your FREE VIDEO right now at