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Over 50? Tricks to Land a Better Job

You read so much bad news about anyone who's a mature worker that you might think your best years are behind you if you are over 50 - WRONG!

I've recently worked with several career counseling clients who are past 49 and each has had a BIG career success. Hope - and self confidence, plus some savvy know-how - seems to be the key.

Wendell is a programmer in his mid 50s - a tough job title to maintain on a permanent basis, since most employers thirst for the under-30 crowd for these jobs. He's been at Microsoft for several years and is one of the oldest guys in his business unit. His boss sat him down for his annual review and instead of talking to him about leaving the company, his boss gave him the kudos his work deserved: a $25,000 bonus, 20% raise and $40K in stock. And the boss is also encouraging him to seek out a promotion.

Cathy had been a stay-at-home mom for years, but when her husband lost his job the family needed both parents to job hunt. At first she was scared, as she'd been out of the workforce so long. We worked on identifying a good field for her to enter and also looked for part-time opportunities. She used the new job search techniques and networking skills to land an interview and from there she got a new job. No one was more amazed than her husband - he didn't think she had a chance.

Executives have struggled with finding positions. Fewer opportunities have made the search tough. Yet many have landed new jobs and prospered. Mike left behind a prominent career as his industry fell apart. He recently landed a VP Sales position in a totally new field.

Karen became unemployed when her company faced hard times. Discouraged, after months of no success, she updated her skills, took some classes online and used tutorial programs to beef up her computer skills. A new resume and polishing her interview skills led her to land a great job, making more money than she had ever earned before.

Bottom line - your best years are likely still AHEAD of you if you are a baby boomer. But to succeed in today's economy I recommend three strategies:

- Robin Ryan

Robin Ryan is a bestselling author of 60 Seconds & You’re Hired!; Winning Resumes; and Winning Cover Letters Over 40 & You’re Hired; Soaring On Your Strengths; and What to Do with the Rest of Your Life. Robin has a busy career counseling practice providing individual job search services, resume writing and interview coaching to clients nationwide. Robin Ryan has appeared on over 1000 TV and radio shows including: Oprah, Dr. Phil, Fox News, and CNN. Find more job search help at:

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