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Lying On A Resume

A jobseeker told me he intends to lie on his resume to increase his chances of landing a position. This is the stance he took after I explained that the content on the resume should be accurate and that I wonít include false statements.

Nothing I said changed his mind. He insisted on stretching the truth, his accomplishments, and credentials. Of course, I passed on writing his resume. However, my encounter with him sparked the idea for this article.

What are honest job seekers to do when their competitors persist on using deceitful practices? Itís enough to make those who never intended on lying to reconsider in order to remain competitive. Below is career advice to keep in mind during your job search:

  1. Not all companies conduct thorough background checks. On the cover letter and during the interview, mention your experience and qualifications are verifiable and encourage the interviewer to double-check the statements on your resume. You donít want to come across as negative so donít reveal that lying on resumes has increased overtime, instead keep the focus on you. You can say something along the lines as, "I prepared a list of references for you. Please feel free to contact my previous employers to verify my accomplishments." A simple statement will do to get your point across.

  2. You can take the reference list tip a step further by providing written references. But instead of the references being stock letters where the referent provides a general overview of your qualifications, ask your references to provide a specific information. For example, if you wrote on your resume that you increased sales a certain percentage, the letter should mention this fact as well. That will verify the information you provided on your resume.

  3. If you can swing it, hire a reference checking company (the cost is only $35 for a basic reference check) and make the findings available on the resume or cover letter.

  4. A resume writing professional like me can turn your history into a compelling resume filled with accomplishments. You may not think you have achievements to tout, but trust me, you do. With my online resume services you can compete jobseekers who are lying on their resume.

You can't control the actions of people who readily lie on resumes. The only thing you can do is submit a resume that speaks to your qualifications and experience. Don't fall into the trap of, "well everyone else is doing it so I might as well lie." You may get away with lying for a bit, but you will get caught eventually.

Following the aforementioned tips will provide credibility to your resume statements.

- Linda Matias

Linda Matias heads CareerStrides Resume Service . You can reach her at, and you can visit her website at