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How Employers Choose The Right Job Candidate

Some of the things that we hear most frequently about resumes in a competitive job market are individuals mentioning their fear of being a “mature” job seeker. Though there is legally no bias, job-seekers need to do everything on a subconscious level to make our resumes fall in the bell curve of right where they should be, in terms of level of experience – and time in the work place.

  1. Go back only 10-15 years. Your most recent experience is the experience that will be most relevant to a hiring manager. Most likely you’ve worked your way up in the job-seeking world and up the ladder. If you started at your company as a file clerk and now you are a manager, you’re going to be seen as a manager. The job as a file clerk from 1995 is no longer necessary for hiring managers and human resource managers to take into account when evaluating your skills and abilities.

  2. Remove dates from education. There is no rule that you must say when you graduated. HR cannot decide to hire or not to hire you based on when you graduated. In addition, so many people are returning to school now after being in the workforce for a good solid 15 years that they may have a Bachelor of Science degree conferred as late as 2005, for example.

  3. Shorten old experience. If you have worked for a big name company early in your career but don’t want to drop it from your experience, such as IBM in 1985, for example, list a “Career Note” and your title with IBM, and then italicize or bold it. Do not list the date. This way, you will have the best of both worlds – you’ll be able to keep the experience you’re proud of, but still keep your resume current.

  4. Use a professional email address at a newer site, such as Gmail. Social media in the workplace is bigger than ever now, and email is part of social media. Using when you could use may date you.

  5. Generate Linked-In profiles, Visual CVs, or other social media presences. Showing employers that you have these types of profiles and listing on your resume how an employer can gain access to them, shows that you are proficient in social networking, internet savvy, and technologically up-to-date – a valuable skill set in today’s global, remote workplace.

- Todd Goldstein

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