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Five Ways To Keep Your Job Search Moving Forward In Summer

Summer is typically a slow time for job seekers. Interviews and hiring decisions get delayed while recruiters and hiring managers are on vacations. Here are five ways you can keep your job-search momentum going during July and August.

  1. Check in with recruiters once a week just to let them know you are still interested.

  2. Take former coworkers to lunch or coffee to uncover potential job leads with their employer.

  3. Attend your professional association Summer events, especially picnics or fundraisers.

  4. Fine tune your resume to make sure itís in line with current trends and key words.

  5. Donít get discouraged by the seasonís slow process. Just keep plugging away.

Remember, much of your competition has decided to take the Summer off from their job search. Make good use of this time to stay productive in your job search. When that hiring manager gets back from vacation youíll be ready to convince him/her that youíre the best person for the job.

- Deborah Walker, CCMC

Resume Writer ~ Career Coach

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