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Why Do Recruiters Ignore You Ė Part 2

In the previous article we had focused on some reasons. Letís follow up with the second part of why recruiters dislike you. Well, there are many things that job seekers do while applying for their job and that makes recruiters go crazy and scratch their head. If you too are in search of a job, it is better to avoid these mistakes and improve your chance of getting selected by the employers. Below are five more things that recruiters really hate.

  1. You Are Not The Right Fit For The Job: Nearly half of the job hunters who apply for a particular post are not fit for the job; they donít possess the required skills. Most of them donít even read the job description and their roles mentioned in the ads; they just jump to submitting their. The recruiters get many resumes in their emails, and it becomes difficult for him to identify the good candidates, which really possess the required skills.

  2. You Are Not Interested: Job seekers cannot behave in this way; they need to show their interest if they really want to get the job. When recruiters contact you, talk with them and discuss what you are looking for. Donít get lost, you need to respond when they call and follow up if you are too busy. Donít make fake promises if you really donít have an interest in getting the job. You are just wasting yours and their time. So make sure if you are not interested, tell them up front.

  3. Mixing CV & Cover Letter: Cover letters and CVs are two separate things and they have separate purposes. Makes sure you donít mix them. The recruiters really get crazy when they see these two items mixed. You can add a personal bio/profile to your CV, but make it brief and pertinent. The cover letter helps you to convince the employer and the role of your resume is to list your experience, skills, reference and the job description. Thus both the things have different purposes. Please check this one to understand types of resumes and their formats.

  4. You Are Getting Personal With the Recruiter: This is really bad and you should not do it. Donít try to impress recruiters by passing personal comments to them on their behavior, looks or attitude. They are there to do their job, and you need to understand this point. Everyone likes flattery, but make sure not to go overboard. There are people who even ask recruiters to go out for a date. Such talks should be avoided as it will only make the matter worse.

  5. You Are Rude: Recruiters have to deal with hundreds of people daily either on the phone, by email or in chats. They are used to dealing with different types of people. That doesnít imply you can be rude to them. Mark your words, and donít use any kind of abusing ones. Be polite even while talking with the receptionist, as your phone calls may be recorded. So stop being rude, recruiters wonít entertain you anymore.

    These are some of the things that are driving recruiters really crazy, so make sure you avoid them or stay away.

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