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How To Find A Job In A New City

Finding a new job in a city where you want to move to is a daunting challenge. Not only are you fighting against the job market in a city you donít know, youíre also dealing with three big job-search hurdles. Hereís how you deal with them.

Challenge #1: No business network in your target city

The easiest way to get an interview is through a business contact who introduces you to a hiring manager. But how do you break into the hidden job market in a long-distance job search?

Solution:One way is to use your current professional association and LinkedIn contacts to introduce you to contacts in your city of choice. Donít forget your past work colleagues when stretching out your network to include contacts in your new city of choice.

Challenge #2: Reluctance of employers to choose outside talent

If an employer can choose among many qualified candidates who are already local, why should he call you for an interview? The cost and risk of hiring outside talent can turn employers off. How can you entice employers to call you for an interview?

Solution: Use your resume to show how you will add value to the employer above and beyond the local candidates. A effective resume will:

Challenge #3: Long-distance interviews

Travel cost, maintaining job-search confidentiality and time from your current job are some of the challenges of an out-of-the-area job search. The stakes are high if you donít do better than local talent in your interview.

Solution: Put job interview preparation at the top of your to-do list. Before you get an out-of-town call, know how to sell your skills. Be prepared to give strong reasons why they should pay to fly you in for an interview. During your face to face interviews be sure that you have success stories that back up your claims of talent. Know the right questions to ask that will illustrate your interest and enthusiasm to join their company.

If not now, at some point youíll have reason to search outside your city for new employment. Anticipate the challenges and prepare yourself to compete stronger against local talent and youíll find the task manageable.

- Deborah Walker, CCMC

Resume Writer ~ Career Coach

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