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Finding the No Fear Zone

Your brand goes nowhere when fear rules. You’ve got to get on top of your fears, or through them, or past them, and into a place called the No-Fear Zone. This is a great place to be— you and your brand will flourish here— but it’s not easy to get in to, and it’s definitely not easy to stay in once you’re there. There are however some things you can do to facilitate your entry and staying power.

Obsess over your goal.
The more you think about what you’re doing, the more familiar it all becomes. The more familiar, the less fearful. Talk about your goal with your friends and family. Dream about it. Visualize it. Write about it. Work on it.

Anticipate Challenges and Overprepare for Them.
Expect the unexpected and plan ahead. Don’t let surprises knock you out of the No-Fear Zone.

Ask Yourself "What's the Worst that can Happen?"
What’s the worst that can happen if your worst fears come true? Could you live with it? How bad could it really be? Total failure might mean going back to a corporate job. Big deal.

In Spite of the Fear, Practice the Power of Being Positive
Fear is a big fat negative force that loses power when confronted by positive circumstances. A branded product is always trying to demonstrate its most positive qualities or key benefits to create a positive impression. Even when you’re fearful, think positively.

Face Off with what You Fear
When you are ready, take a deep breath and just do it. If it is leaving your corporate job that you fear—walk away. It might be easier than you think.

-Robin Fisher Roffer
Robin Fisher Roffer - President, Big Fish Marketing, Inc.: Robin Fisher Roffer is a speaker, trainer and author of "Make A Name For Yourself—8 Steps Every Woman Needs to Create A Personal Brand Strategy for Success" (Broadway Books, January 2001). She is also president of Big Fish Marketing, Inc. and Fishnet in Los Angeles and Little Pond Productions in Atlanta. Robin can be reached via email at