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More than one offer?

Lucky you! What’s the problem? Choose the one that pays the most and move on, right?


If you don’t take time to evaluate the offers now, you could find yourself searching for a job again in no time.

Assess Your Wants and Needs

The first thing that you will want to do is to evaluate your needs and which of these offers fits your situation the best. Doing a comparison may be time well spent in the long run. Sometimes we are so flattered with an offer that we don’t take time to be practical and jump at the one that looks best on the surface. Taking the time to plan out a strategy to evaluate any offer is something that everyone should do

I’m going to suggest going through the following exercise to help you get perspective about the long term effects of your decision. .


This is a rather simple three-step exercise that you can do with a spreadsheet on your computer or with a pencil and paper.

Step One

Put together a sheet or spreadsheet with the company names across the top.

Now, down the left side of the page list your values and needs. Pick out six or more things that are REALLY important to you in your job such as: salary, location, job satisfaction, respect, positive feedback, teamwork, etc.

As an example, if you have a family Balance will probably rank higher on your list than for a single person who doesn’t mind working extreme hours. So if balance is extremely important to you – rate it a “10”

Here are some examples of how to think through your values -