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Top 5 Strategies on How to Search for Executive Jobs

  1. Establish Your Personal Brand. Believe it or not, recruiter’s biggest tool for finding candidates is searching them out on LinkedIn. So take a minute & Google yourself. Did your LinkedIn profile come up? Perhaps you need to create one. Making yourself find-able is a necessity now-a-days. Adding keywords relevant to your intended job title and functions can pull more weight than you think. If you have other social media accounts, make sure you are including bios whenever possible, also ditch the negative posts that hiring managers may see.

  2. Utilize Executive Sites. Some executive sites are free, and some are not. Don’t be too concerned about paying a membership fee for these sites. Often the sites you pay for are the most beneficial to you. Some also offer some remarkable resources. Make sure you research the chosen site before submitting your personal information.

  3. Hire a high quality resume writer. There is no doubt that your resume is the most important tool in your job search. It represents you and is your marketing document. Having your resume professionally written creates a higher turnout rate for the candidate to land an interview.

  4. Networking is very important and a very effective job search tool. I’m not only talking about networking online, but face-to-face networking. In a face-to-face networking event do not announce that you are job-hunting, especially if you’re representing your current firm; instead gather business cards that you think will have a positive impact on your hunt. Have a plan for networking. You may want to prepare an introduction that is unique and genuine. Along with your introduction, you can also ask something as simple as “Is there anyone in your network that would be interested with my management experience and background?” You want to make sure you are continually returning calls and emails to others who are seeking employment their self, because you never know when they can return the favor. By doing this, you are establishing something greater than just networking; you are creating genuine relationships within your network. You should stay connected and continue to network even after you land a position.

  5. Use an integrated approach, do not limit yourself. Search for jobs by networking, looking on job boards, within LinkedIn, read executive job lead reports, or hire a career coach. Use every avenue that you know of that aligns with your search objective.

Teena Rose, Executive Resume Writer & Career/Job-Search Strategist

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