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Are You in the Wrong Career? Tips to Finding Your Perfect Profession

In 2012, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reported that the most significant factor in job satisfaction is an employee feeling that they have opportunities to use their skills and abilities. Many individuals in the job market today are unhappy with their current positions as they are not presented with these opportunities or they lack the skills needed to advance. It is easy to become complacent in a job even if it doesn't suit you; however, there is a high correlation between professional satisfaction and personal happiness, and being stuck in the wrong career can affect your well-being, suggesting you may be ready for a change. Here are five questions to ask yourself if you think it could be time to clock out of your current position and start another employment path.

Do You Dread Going to Work?

Do you feel anxious at just the thought of going to work? Is it difficult to sleep due to worrying about work-related issues that may arise the next day? If your professional anxiety is spilling over into your relaxing free time, you are not getting the fulfillment you need from your job. It is time to ask yourself what it is that you really want. A little soul searching can go a long way in determining what kind of work would offer you more satisfaction. Do you prefer to work with a team or alone? Would you rather work inside or outdoors? Knowing yourself and what you want is an imperative in finding your calling.

Does Your Job Challenge You?

Challenges are necessary for one to reach his or her full potential. If your feel bored or underutilized, then that is a solid indicator that you are in the wrong career. One way to build your skills and interests for a new career is pursuing secondary education. Even if you already have a degree, taking classes may help you learn a new skill set, try new things or make new connections. College courses can expand your network through classmates and professors, which can help you land a new job. Many online degree programs are often more versatile and easily accessible options for those who might currently be holding down another job with traditional hours.

Do You Like Your Coworkers?

Your relationships with others at work can play a big part in your overall happiness. If you do not feel like you connect with your coworkers or your boss, or if you feel like you've outgrown them, then that probably is true. Just because you are comfortable where you are, doesn't mean that you should stay. Your coworkers are your team, and if you no longer feel the same level of commitment and camaraderie that once was, then you need to find a new team.

If you deeply pondered any of these questions, then a new career may be on your horizon. Don't let yourself get stuck. If you have gotten all you can from your current job and you no longer feel satisfied there, then it is time to bid it farewell. Know thyself, be confident in your inspirations, develop your skills and seek out a vertical profession and more fulfilling career.

- Jayme Cook

Bio: Jayme is a writer and English instructor living in Phoenix, Arizona. She studied writing in Wales, UK, and teaches college composition. Contact Jayme on her LinkedIn profile.