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Job Hunting & Social Media - Important Tips To Know

Jordan had long "forgotten" about some of his drunk and partying posts on his Facebook account since he didn't use it much anymore. Unfortunately, the prospective employer went to look BEFORE he hired him and those posts lost Jordan that job. It's not just teens and twenty-somethings getting negative publicity. It seems everyone is not thinking about what they post. Openly discussing about your DUI, rehab, cancer treatments or divorce problems can be an easy deterrent for a hiring employer. Putting up very sexy photographs is a major no-no. Bragging that you skipped work for some personal fun day or ranting about your company or boss is landing job applicants in hot water. Sadly, the individual isn't even aware that it was his or her Facebook posts or Instagram photos that are lengthening their job hunt.

The number of employers passing on job applicants because of the candidates' social media content continues to rise. Over 50% of employers surveyed in March 2014 Harris Poll stated they check Internet and Facebook before they extend job offers. More employers each day are beginning to "LOOK" online before they hire.

Be aware that most times what you post may not be private. A recent Society for Human Resource Management survey on social media and hiring noted that the following were reasons as to WHY the applicants did NOT get the job. These were:

-Applicant posted provocative or inappropriate photos or similar information (cited by 46% of respondents).
-Applicant posted information about themselves drinking or using drugs (41%)

-Applicant bad-mouthed his or her previous company or a fellow employee (36%)

-Applicant showed poor communication skills (32%)

-Applicant posted discriminatory comments (28 %)

-Applicant posted confidential information from a previous employer (24%)

Many companies are using social media as part of their background checks. Much more caution needs to be made before you post pictures and texts you don't want any employer to read. Go back through your posts and your friends' party pictures. Then delete anything that could cause an employer to find anything objectionable about hiring you.

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