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Job Hunting? 7 LinkedIn Strategies you must use- Part 1

Can LinkedIn really help you advance your career or get hired? Microsoft’s senior recruiting director told me: “HR, recruiters, and hiring managers constantly use Linkedin when seeking job candidates, so by all means you most definitely need to a have an effective profile on their site.” I’ve spoken to countless recruiters and other HR directors who agree. This site posts higher-end jobs with direct access to the hiring manager or the recruiter overseeing the search. Don’t assume this is the new “get hired quick” magic bullet. LinkedIn is proving to be a terrific tool to add to your job search arsenal, but just going online and signing up won’t produce any results. Here are 7 ways to get recruiters to find and call you.

1. Create an AWESOME profile. This is your personal brand that recruiters can see even if you aren’t connected. Be personable but professional. Do not copy and paste your resume here. Fill out the data fields, college, past employers, etc. completely but just convey your top accomplishments and a few of the past results you’ve achieved. Note your work strengths and one or two of your personality traits that make you the unique individual you are. You can – and should- write this in the 1st person (i.e. I led the team that developed the new product.)

2. Serve Steak. Your summary section needs to outline your key accomplishments and what makes you great at performing your job. Use stats, numbers, percentages to demonstrate: time and cost savings; money made; new products or services you worked on; key process, system or design improvements you’ve made.

3. Make your tone genuine. You need a personable tone as you develop this profile. That means sharing a few personal traits and getting others to endorse your top skills. Ask a few to write you a recommendation. Try to post 2-3 recent ones if possible. You want to offer a more rounded look into you as a worker from the recommendations.

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