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Want a new Job?

Whether you have a job or you are unemployed seeking a new position, knowing how to go about your search makes the difference in how fast you are successful.

Here are the main things to help you get hired quickly.

1. Focus in on the job title you seek. Employers look for an individual to do a specific job. You must define what you want before you can succeed in your search through job openings or with networking. Do the necessary self-assessment to determine which job title you are seeking. I recommend you narrow your search to no more than 2 different job titles and concentrate on finding and applying for those opportunities.

2. Stress accomplishments in your Resume. Employers hire people who get the job done and deliver results. That means your resume needs to be targeted and specific. List ways where you saved money or made the company money. You want to make note of having created something new such as a design, written work or service. Maybe you've worked on a new product team - you'd want to mention that. Hiring managers love to see that you improved productivity so be sure to note a process or system improvement. Do not fill the page with boring job descriptions that no one will read. If you need help, I offer resume critiques and resume writing services.

3. Look twice a week. An interesting fact many people ignore is that popular companies often don't keep their job ads up very long. In fact, Boeing often keeps their job openings up for just 7 days, and some job ads are only up 5 days. If you are searching on corporate websites, pay close attention to closing dates. If none are listed, apply immediately. You don't want to miss that window and lose out because your resume was never submitted.

4. Let recruiters find you. is the spot for HR and recruiters to search for talent. They can fine tune their search by job title, specific skills and location. Every day more and more hiring teams are heading to this website in search of professionals and executives. To allow them to find you, I recommend you create an enticing profile. Make it inviting with a genuine personal touch. Carefully fill out the data fields, college, past employers, etc.. You don't need long job descriptions. In fact, short statements outlining some key accomplishments are more likely to get you noticed. Don't forget to add a picture - a smiling head shot works best.

5. NETWORK! 63% of all jobs are found by networking. Go to professional meetings, conferences and set up some lunches every month. You want to be the person others think of if they get asked for hiring referrals. Additionally, friends will forward some job openings you might miss, so ask for help when trying to land a new job. Use Social media to connect with former co-workers and bosses - a great source of new job opportunities.

Robin Ryan is America's leading career job search expert. She's appeared on 1500 TV & radio shows including Oprah, Dr Phil, Cnn, ABC News and NPR. Robin has a career counseling practice working with individual clients across the US helping them land better jobs. For more career help visit:

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