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From Job Interview to Job Offer: 6 Secret Strategies

Parker was not naive about the reality of the job search market. He watched his friends, many of whom were looking for work and not finding it, even though positions were available and they appeared to be professionals with good qualifications.

He knew he had to do a little ground work if he were to win the job he wanted. So he did some research online and discovered six strategies to apply in his quest for a position as office manager at a large computer store. He'd acquired a college degree in computer technology with a minor in business management so he felt well qualified for the job.

Following are the secret strategies Parker used to his advantage. Give them a try. Ultimately he landed the job he wanted soon after he received and prepared for an interview with One Click Computer Company.

Secret Strategy #1 One: Polish Your Resume

Check your resume. Update where necessary and check for grammar and spelling errors.

Read it again. Review it again. Repeat the process again.

Secret Strategy #2: Plan Ahead

Many people decide at the last moment what to wear to an interview and then fuss when their choices don't come together. Avoid the morning rush. Select and lay out your clothing, shoes, and accessories. Ladies, leave dangling earrings at home and men, empty your pockets of loose change. Wear clean comfortable shoes and conservative but attractive clothingóbusiness suit or sport coat and trousers for men and a pants suit or skirt and jacket for women. This might seem obvious but not to some!

Secret Strategy #3: Know the Company

What could be more humiliating than walking into an interview at XYZ Enterprises and not knowing any of the essentials about the organization? It would be 'see ya' before you even finish saying 'nice to meet you.' A bit of homework ahead of time will pay off in your favor.

Secret Strategy #4: Prepare Real Life Examples

Make a list of some anecdotes from your current or previous employment. If you have the ability to solve problems, bring a sane response to a conflict, or deal successfully with challenging coworkers or customers, be sure to mention these experiences. When asked a question, respond with a true-to-life illustration that will show rather than merely explain.

Secret Strategy #5: Think Before You Speak

It's okay to pause for a second or two before answering a question. But don't downgrade yourself. No one wants to deal with a person riddled with self-doubt. Of course you shouldn't exaggerate your abilities either. Be honest. If you learned from a mistake it's okay to admit it. Then share how you were able to turn it around.

Secret Strategy Number Six: Follow Up With a Thank You Note

Regardless of how the interview turns out, be sure to express your appreciation at the end of the meeting and afterwards with a handwritten note of thanks. This will show your thoughtfulness as well as your interest in keeping in touch. You may be offered the job and you may not. But that shouldn't affect who you are. If you make a good impression with your kindness, honesty, and professionalism you may be the one the hiring manager thinks of when a new position opens.

Jimmy Sweeney is president of CareerJimmy and creator of the brand new, "Job Interview Secret Document." Jimmy is the author of "Tough Times Job Tips" and writes a monthly article titled, "Job Search Secrets."

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