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8 Questions to ask Yourself Before You Apply -Part 2

Continued from Part 1..

5. How stable and reputable is the company?

If youíre out of work, it can be tempting to grab any opportunity that comes your way. But itís important to know how stable the company is and its reputation for how it treats employees. If the company has been riddled with layoffs and bad earnings statements, working for them may be a big risk. If the company has more layoffs or goes out of business, you could be out of a job again.

6. Do you like the leadership of the company?

Of course you know itís important to get along well with your immediate supervisor, but how you feel about the higher-ups is also relevant. You may not interact with the CEO on a daily basisóor everóbut if heís made public statements that you canít respect, or has a reputation for treating staff poorly, you may end up unhappy in the job. Antipathy toward leaders can be a sign youíll clash with the companyís culture, too. Finally, if you donít ďlikeĒ the leadershipís business acumen, you may never be confident of the companyís future, or confident in your job.

7. Do you believe in their product/service or mission?

If your passion is animal rights, do you really want to work for a retailer who makes money selling real fur coats? That might not bother some people, but would it trouble you? If you donít believe in what the company is selling, you could eventually feel like a sell-out and your self-respect will suffer.

8. Whatís the single most exciting thing about this opportunity?

Is it the work, the people, the product, the chance to make a difference? Thereís no single right way to answer that question, but there is definitely a wrong way. If youíre taking a job solely for the money, you will almost certainly conclude one day that it just wasnít worth it. The best jobs fulfill your desire for meaningful work, as well as your need for a paycheck.

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Author: Stephanie Anderson

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