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Second Interviews & First Interviews

Second Interviews with Some, First Interviews with Others

First and second interviews can be quite different. Interviewers meeting you for the second time have different expectations and they're more comfortable with you. They expect that you'll be more informed about their company and express targeted enthusiasm for the position.

The questions you ask second time interviewers are focused on the company, industry trends, market drivers, key position deliverables, and competition.

During your second visit, you'll meet new interviewers for the first time. These interviewers are really first time interviewers and they'll conduct the interview like a 1st time meeting. The difference is they've heard good things about you and expect you're a strong candidate. But they'll still have to be convinced. With 1st time interviewers, conduct yourself like it's your first interview because this is your 1st interview with these evaluators.

Your Questions for 1st and 2nd Interviews

During the first interview, interviewer questioning focused on the position and your qualifications. You ask questions about the key position requirements and present your experience.

Questions you ask during 1st interviews include:

Questions you ask during 2nd interviews include:

As with all interviews, make sure you ask the two closing questions at the end of each meeting.

Changing the Game

Second interviews include meeting higher level people in the company. Higher level interviewers are more likely to be unskilled but they're more comfortable interviewing and asking unorthodox questions. Interviewer skill is not correlated to years of experience or level in the company.

As you progress through the hiring process you'll encounter different types of interviews. You may be asked to deliver a presentation. Panel interviews (multiple interviewers simultaneously), problem solving/simulation interviews, personality tests, mealtime interviews are also common on second interviews.

Show Me the Money

Finally, on second and third interviews you'll be questioned about your salary expectations and possible start date.

-Michael R. Neece, CEO, Interview Mastery